Passed my Aptitude Test - Changing Preferred Job

Hello everyone,

I sat my Psychometric Test yesterday morning and passed. When initially applying, I selected Mine Clearance Diver as my career of choice.

The job stood out to me and I wasn't very confident on how well I would do in the aptitude test, following a few disasters on previous exams I have taken.

I revised like mad for the last 3 weeks and was told at the end of the test that my score was high enough to choose any career I wished apart from CT (Which I had a high enough score for, but my GCSE results were not up to scratch).

I looked into all the jobs in detail last night, after discussing it with my family I have decided to go for AET.

I called the careers office this morning to advise them of my decision and the CA I spoke to wasn't happy to hear my decision at all, stressing to me that I would be grilled at length during my interview on my decision to switch. Also advising me that I would have to let them know that it was solely my decision and I wasn't pushed into anything.

I'm now worrying that this will stand against me during me interview.

Could anybody let me know whether changing now will result in any repercussions later on in the process?

Sorry for the essay! :)


Lantern Swinger
You might get a bit of stick for it but that has got to be better than signing up for a job you don't actually want. I'd have thought that your not the first person to do it, so as long as you can explain why it is you've chosen to change over and that it isn't just on a whim they should be alright with it.
Thanks for the reply's. I have a very good reason for changing, including a statement on my Record of Achievement when I was leaving school (9 years ago) stating I wanted to become an engineer in the future. So hopefully they will see it is something I want to do and not a snap decision.

Bring on the interview! :D

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