Passed medical start of November , no word ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wilsons102, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. I got through my medical back at the start of November 2012 for marine engineer submariner , i know processes can take a while in the armed forces, i am just keen.

    Is it normal to wait a long time between stages? I was flew through my initial AFCO appointment, Recruit test and medical then not had a peep since November, i called them up in December and they said it was due to backlog. Is it worth calling again ? or just let it be until they call me, i just don't want to seem a pest but then i don't want to look like i'm not bothered either. :dontknow:
  2. I would just let it be and let them call you as they wont have forgotten about you. I did my RT in April 2011, Medical in May 2012, PJFT in June 2012, Interview in July 2012 and i've now got a start date for October 2013. So it is a long drawn out process but they will contact you.
  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Just call your AFCO and ask!

    It won't change anything but it will keep you assured you are still on track.

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  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Call it intuition, but probably one of two things has occurred:

    1. You haven't passed the medical yet. (Very often the doc says "You've passed everything else, except......" and the individual only hears "You've passed" then switches off 'Receive')

    2. Your AFCO cannot send you a PJFT letter as Fitness First have gone bust and the new contract with "Nuffield Health" (spookily owned by Capita) hasn't commenced yet.

    Either way, your AFCO will doubtless illuminate if asked.
  5. I was actually told at medical that i had passed everything "Except" my mothers history of asthma and i had an inhaler for 2 weeks as a toddler, however i was referred to GP and had to do a 28 day lung capacity diary , i passed both of those, and then i am waiting since then, November.

    So i was listening ;-P but i understand what you mean
  6. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Do as Ninja said you hadn't passed, you're TMU.

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  7. Good thing i called them today , it seems for almost 2 months after receiving all my GP info Captia had forgotten all about me or so said the careers adviser and my next appointment wont be until March as ive missed all the february slots , sad face.. but at least the balls rolling again.
  8. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    At least you know where you stand, I always keep in touch via e-mail to my CA.

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  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Some AFCOs send a locally produced "TMU Letter" to candidates (below) to try to minimise this type of occurrence. Snag is, the AFCO cannot intervene due to "medical confidentiality" so the onus is on the individual to drive the application forward.

  10. I've been on the waiting list for nearly 3 years now and in the process have done my RT PJFT Medical Test & have only just got a starting date of May 26th 2013. It does take a long time and you may get fed up of waiting along the way, but if you really want it, you'll accept the waiting period and be happy to join when ever the have the room. The AFCO's may seem as if they aren't doing anything and taking there time, but there is only so much they can do. With the Navy being so popular, it is expected to have a longer waiting list than that of the Army for example.
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