Passed Medical and PJFT!

Got a phone call early last week (after a 4 week wait) telling me I am medically fit to join the RN. What a moment that was! I booked my PJFT for 30th and passed it with a time of 10.25. I was hoping for a sub 10 min time but an injury had put back my fitness. Not to worry though. Totally buzzing now with only the interview to go - which I will get a date for tomorrow.

Just thought I'd post you all with my progress as this site has been a bit of massive help. Cheeers. :thumbright:
Well done pal, I just passed my PJFT on the 31st, bloody good feeling, all the work paid off, and now like you say it's just the interview, excited isn't even the word, kind of an anti climax though that we're going to go through all this exciting stuff to be faced with a long wait, worth it though.

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