Passed medical and awaiting phsyical?


Hi, I passed my medical a coupleish weeks back, I've not yet been contacted since, so I'm in a bit of a worried state.

So, how long is the average time they get back to you after a medical pass?

Thanks and much love!
Might be worth giving ur AFCO a call, I think when I had my medical they send a letter about the PJFT within a week of passing the medical, this is because u have to do the PJFT within 28 days of the date of the letter but definitely worth a phone call x
I got told there and then that I'd passed by the doc! And within the week I was doing my fitness test..... But I did ring him and ask about my fitness, turns out I had to organise it myself with the local gym that my AFCO were connected with
When i passed my medical, i was told there and then that i had passed and they also gave me away the letter and information for my PJFT on the same day and told me i had to book it within 28 days of passing my medical.

It's strange that they didn't tell you your result of your medical on the day.


Fives years, should go by pretty quick if I don't think about it too much.

Thanks for all replies, I was told on the day that I passed. Yesterday I got a call about a letter being sent over about my phsyical.

Thanks again!