Passed Interview - Worried about colour perception!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by joeydav, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. I passed my interview yesterday for a Seaman Specialist. Was in a great mood all day until I realised that I can never pass the Ishihara Colour Perception Test, I fail it every time!

    I've been reading around the internet and I'm pretty sure you need to be at least CP2 for the Warfare branch. I'm definitely CP3 or lower so if anybody knows for sure could you confirm the standards?

    Also, my Psychometric Test score gave me the following options;

    - HMOS
    - CIS
    - Mine Clearance Diver
    - Warfare Specialist
    - Seaman Specialist
    - Aircraft handler/Naval Airman
    - Air Survival Technician/Naval Airman
    - Personnel Logistician
    - Supply Chain Logistician
    - Steward
    - Chef

    I've been advised not to join as a Chef/Steward. I really don't fancy logistics, it just seems like the least action packed role in the Navy. I'm not sure what the jobs are like, could anyone with experience tell me please?

    Lastly, if it turns out that I do not qualify as a Seaman Specialist, am I able to divert my Seaman Specialist application to a Royal Marine application during my joining process?

    The reason for this is that a Royal Marine seems like the only other action packed job. The main reason I considered the Navy in the first place was to get proper stuck in, hence the reason I joined the warfare branch.
  2. General question using your words. "Getting proper stuck in".

    What exactly do you think getting stuck in is?

    If it's 'warry' things, then I would have thought the army or even better our very own Royal Marines.

    Seriously, for us to answer in even the lightest of sarcastic manner we really do need to know exactly what you mean!!!!
  3. Guess I'm just feeling disheartened. I imagined myself doing the physical things like steering, maintaining the ship, anchoring, even painting. Now when I consider the other jobs they just seem boring in comparison!

    I have no idea though as I've not joined yet so I'm hoping people can give me an honest opinion of what the other jobs involve and how they differ :)
  4. Getting a bit ahead of yourself there...?

    On a more serious note though - where did you hear that you had to be CP2 for sea spec? Am not saying it's not true, just to be wary of advice from anyone that isn't qualified to give it.

    As for getting stuck in, every one gets stuck in to some extent. When the proverbial hits the fan nobody sits around going 'aw, I wish I has one of the jobs that meant I got to get stuck in'.
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  5. According to the eligibility matrix at the following link you only require CP3 for Sea Spec.

    I'm surprised it's so low, just as well they don't drive around in small boats at night isn't it..... ..... .....oh, hang on!
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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Spot on.

    That matrix also lists recruiting test scores for branches & eligibility criteria.

    There are a fair few anomalies similar to this - for example, all Officer applicants no longer have a pass/fail mark in the mechanical comprehension section of the Recruiting Test because it's potentially gender biased for Officers, but apparently not for technical Ratings. Royal Marines Officers don't have a pass/fail mark in Mechanical Comprehension, but Other Ranks do, etc.,
  7. That's really interesting actually as my job choice was partly based on my colour perception. However according to that matrix there are many more roles I could have went for with CP4!

    CP3 isn't actually that bad so I can see why it would work for sea spec. The main difference between CP3 & 4 is the ability to differentiate between green and red lights in the dark - so no problem there for a CP3 sea spec driving around in small boats at night. Even then the test for CP3 or 4 is quite strict. For example I can differentiate between green and red light about 90% of the time and am still CP4.
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You don't think that the "about 10 percent" that you can't differentiate might be crucial at times?
  9. Yeah, once I went to bed and thought the Sky box was turned off but i'd actually left it on.
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  10. Evening.

    CP standards aren't measured in line, meaning CP1 is better than 2, or 3. The testing methods vary, which in the Military are using Ishihara plates (numbers hidden in dots) and the Holmes-Wright Lantern (red, green and white lights).
    There are individuals who can't see the dots, but pass the lantern test. Depending on which test you pass determines the grade of CP. In your case Joeydav, if you didn't pass the Ishihara test the highest grade you can be is CP4. You would need to have an additional test to ensure you are CP3 if your branch of choice needs it, which is done with a Lantern and arranged on the recommendation of the AFCO Dr.

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  11. What the hell is this test? Do you do it as part of the eye test? I must have passed it at some point but what the **** is it?
  12. I've never made it to the end of the 10 minute free view...
  13. The test isn't quite like this but it's close enough to get the idea.

    Take the Ishihara Color Vision Test
  14. Is it in any other forms? got those all right but definitely not done anything like that in the app process! Is it also measured in the green and red lit things at the opticians? Have to say which dots are clearer? Always wondered what they were for...
  15. In all fairness if you get the first couple in the book right there is not need to continue - so you probably don't remember as it's such a tiny part of your medical.
  16. Ah probably then, me medical was ageeeees ago i don't really remember all of it! I know it wasn't an issue for what i wanted to apply for so i guess didn't come up much at all in the process, just wasn't quite sure what stage i did it at haha.
  17. Yeah, colour perception isn't really an issue for us Writers.
  18. I know the difference between blue and green, the important stuff :D
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