Passed for Aet!!!! (special thanks to Ninja-Stoker)

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Bond509, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. I took my RT today and despite coming off nights yesterday and making a little boo-boo on my test paper ( due to being extremely tired) I passed...

    Thanks to everyone on here who have provided me with all the information I needed.

    Unfortunately I have also been told that there is a 24 month waiting list for Aet. It does make me wonder why they are still allowing people to take the test with so many on the list.... They should at least tell people before hand.
    Anyway I am not bothered, I am going to spend the next two years bulking up a bit more and hammering my fitness. I will also check to see if I can squeeze in an English language GSCE while im at it, better to do it now rather than wait until I go for LH.

    My experience at the Afco was good though, there were four of us testing today and I met bloke who wanted to be a Hydro-summit-ographer thingy. Unfortunately he only passed for his second choice of seaman spec, I felt really bad for him because like myself he turned up in a suit and behaved exactly as you should when selling yourself to an employer. Unlike the two other kids (16-17 I believe) both dressed as Goths with baggy jeans and one even wore a necker-chief!!! I mean WTF is that about.... It had bloody skulls on it!!! 10 year ago the recruiter would have laughed and chucked them out of the door. However whilst I feel for these two idiots they both failed in the end, not a surprise I must admit!

    One of the lads even cheekily stated " Are they all going to be this easy" during the test!! lol...... Is it me or are all kids these days arrogant little gobshiteS!.... I am only 27 but the generation gap couldn't be any wider!.

    Ho hum, only 2ish years in my shite but well paid job to go!

    Thanks again to everyone here (especially those with something relevant to say!) and all the rest for your insight into the Royal Navy.


    P.S Sorry for my grammar, oh mighty purveyors of the internets!!
  2. Congrats mate.

    If you fancy bypassing the 2 year wait, why don't you smash in a quick tour with the STC branch (if you are fit enough) then transfer over to AET after that?

    It's not an option that is for everyone but it could get you out of your dull job and into the fleet a whole lot quicker.
  3. Congratulations, however grammar nazis have you on their radar.
  4. LOL I dont think that would work.. besides which hopefully it wont actually be 2 years.... recruiter said with drop outs and things of that nature it could take a few months off here and there.....(thinks maybe she was just trying to keep me happy).
  5. A few years back my son was told he had to wait 2 years to get in as an AET (AEM as it was then). 10 months later he got a phone call asking him could he front up at Raleigh in 2 weeks time and away he went. Not saying this is normal but all things are possible even if they don't seem probable.
  6. I honestly believe that there would not be two year waiting lists if they had a RSM standing on the door of the recruiters office acting as a shit-bag filter!...

    He would aslo be quite scary (well they scare the shit out of me anyway lol)
  7. I cant decide if my avatar is funny or inappropriate.
  8. Well done on passing.

    Just treat the wait as a two year holiday and cram in all those things you'd like to do with the free time because when the mob get hold of you the time is theirs.

    AET will be worth the wait.
  9. Deffo not the "Black Sheep" of the family then!! :D
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The credit for making the grade is down to the individuals who have the gumption to seek advice & then act upon it, so very well done.

    The waiting times are indeed a pain & doubtless we will lose many good candidates along the way unfortunately.

    The extended waiting periods are mostly due to the current financial climate & lack of jobs however this is exacerbated by the reduction of this years projected intake from 2,700 to 1,500 together with a reduction in those leaving the service before their contract expires from around 4% to 1.9%
  11. Your scarily wizard-like insight into the recruiting process is without question entirely correct..... however it still sucks balls.
  12. Just enrolled on a GCSE maths and English langauge course set to sit exams summer next year. I have good passes in all my other GCSE's so hopefully I will have the full set by the time I join the mob.

    Only thing is I now have to read George Orwells 1984 (Awsome) and Shakespears Macbeth (Not quite so awsome)

    la-di dah
  13. Well done mate thats a great result.. I wouldnt mind getting in as AET as well just waiting for my RT date at the moment
  14. Well Done Mr.Bond!

    Flip and bollocks, I passed my interview in April and was advised upto 18 mths, 2 months later it's gone up 6 months 8O

    Fingers crossed for dropouts :lol:

    Good Luck!
  15. Holy shit!!! at this rate I may aswell sign up for a degree. Ill be converting it to a MA by the time I get in.........

    Still wont go orrificers....bluah
  16. NS, with the higher number of people wanting to join do you think the quality of recruits has changed much compared to when the AFCO would have been less busy? For the better or for the worse?
  17. Well done on passing, can't believe how much the waiting time has gone up, was four months when I joined! Will be worth the wait!
  18. I believe the tests have not changed in a while but social attitudes have....

    I passed for Elec Eng in 2001 (RAF) and the RT and interview systems have hardly changed since then...seems people are more personable these days and there is so much more importance placed in personal image and what other people think of you.....hence why kids (Not all obviously) these days dont seem to put much effort into anything they dont "have" to do or better themselves in any way.

    I believe the armed forces should take advantage of the economic slump and up their recruiting standards, not so much academically but at least in terms of charactor analysis. With 2 years worth of placements theoretically filled in some trades they could set the bar up a touch.

    Rant ovr
  19. Whats the STC branch?..
  20. kept that one quiet!!!

    Good at keeping secrets then the STC branch would be a good option.

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