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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tailz, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Just got back from my RT test, passed! :D

    I asked what percentage apprently they "dont do that" lol

    So all i got was i passed with a pretty impressive score overall.

    Got my interview in 3 weekss or so, anyone any tips for the interview? =]

  2. Well done, there are plenty threads in the newbies forum on the application process including interview tips.
  3. Congratulations on passing your RT test. Remember it's possible to reach the rank of Admiral from AB.... just takes hard work, good luck and time. :) If you're a friend of the Whitemouse it takes longer; but if your 2BM's oppo it'll take half the time ;)
  4. Well done on passing. For the interview, remember be yourself, be honest and above all they need you more than you need them! :thumright:
  5. Bastard.

  6. And there was me thinking you were a bloke o_O
  7. LOL

    I am dw someone hacked my account

    Although I think I know who it was :)
  8. James, you worry me :O

    you really really do
  9. Lmao Tailz you are a right bastard :p


    I swear i logged on on your comp a while ago :)
  10. Not entirely certain what's going on but it is amusing the hell out of me.

    Well done Taliz BTW. Good luck with the next bit.

  11. Hey well done mate, at the interview show your ass off they like that :dwarf: , keep cool, remember to know all about your trade training, basic training etc, make sure you go really smart, first looks count. good luck
  12. well done and good luck for your interview. the navy wants to learn about you so all of the questions will be like that. they'll ask about your family, what they do, your relationship with them, your school background, employment/work experience. also will fire a few questions about the job you're entering for, in my case AET and they asked really basic questions about how i thought an engine worked and electrical stuff. don't worry if you get the answers wrong tho, it's not a test! they just want to know if you know anything about the job you've actually applied for.

    make sure you turn up suited and booted. and don't forget to ask questions if you have any. relax and you'll be absolutely fine!

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