Passed and Got My Date!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by micky21, May 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys
    been watching this forum for quite a while now and just wanted to introduce myself!
    im already a qualified engineer but the RN is a long way from what i do now! :lol:

    Passed my interview last week for an AET and i cant wait! its all i can think about and now september 13th seems a LONG way away.
    what can you do to try keep your mind off it?im probably doing everyones head in talking about it so much :eek:

    I understand it aint exactly your regular "recruiting/job interview" but been impressed with everything, speed and how helpful my advisor been.

    Bring on 13th sep!

  2. Welcome Micky. Hope you enjoy .....
  3. You just passed your interview, you haven't got medical and pre-joining fitness test to do before you get your date?

    September is a long way away, I didn't think it'd be that long away. (I have done interview and got medical tomorrow (5/5/9).
  4. Wow, I had my interview in Feb, only just got the date (20th Sept), took a while!
  5. i had my interview and medical on the same day! pjft to do! gud luck pal
  6. thanks guys
    no i got my letter telling to book my pjft and done it the next day, medical and everything else was all done before my interview!
    rung me the very next day, extremely impressed! :)
  7. oh dear! :)
    the 13th september aint long away at all now!
    last day in my current job is this friday! its all very serious now... canny wait!
  8. When did you take your RT Micky? I took my RT, interview, medical and PJFT in June and don't have a date yet.
  9. I had my medical, PJFT etc all in December and still haven't heard a peep out of them. I think i have to wait until May.
  10. I will see you on the 13th not long to go :) only i have two more weeks of work still to do which is rubbish!
  11. my RT was in March, then medical end of March,PJFT April and interview was April too!
    I was told in interview didnt know what date I would start, but my AFCO rung me the next day and gave me 13th September!
    What jobs have you applied for, theres loads of waiting on different jobs i've read.
    Matt1981, you travelling from Limestreet i assume? :)

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