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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Carlsmith, Oct 23, 2015.

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  1. Right so I have passed my phsycometric, interview, medical and pjft the next step is my security checks and then my prnc. What I wish to know is when I am roughly going to be starting at Raleigh if everything goes well.
  2. well that' all dependant on how long your security checks take to get complete. If there's nothing on fin you should be fine. However you ave to of done your PRNC within a year prior to joining raleigh. If i remember when I joined up, it was within the year of the security check as i think initally they only last a short while. so if your forms have been sent off. lets say roughly a year
  3. Thanks for the reply, I should have mentioned I was joining as et(mesm) I should be sending my security checks off next week I hope as my afco is on holiday currently
  4. Well, There crying for SM's so i wouldn't think it would even take a year haha
  5. Ideal another question I have is how long between training do we get off if any?
  6. Therein lies the question of all questions mate. I'm not sure what submariners training is like. I daresay if you trawl through there are some submariners on here with a better idea. It varies.
  7. Ok thank you anyway
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A start date for ET(MESM) is probably less than three months off.

    You should budget for a weekend off between initial training and phase two - unless you are delayed through injury or a criteria test fail during phase one. The other exceptions are if a main leave period (Xmas, Easter, summer) coincides with the completion of phase one & the start of phase two.
  9. Thanks for the reply ninja,
  10. I'm a ETME(SM) (not a qualified subby, in phase 2). The course is basically an ME's course with an additional 3 weeks at the end. If you've got any questions I'll try answer them as best as possible.
  11. Thank you Ilikeb33r, my first question is how long of a break did you get between Raleigh and sultan? Secondly does the fitness and kit musters and all that stuff from phase 1 get more relaxed when you go to phase 2? Also how long was it from passing your security checks till your start date? And are you enjoying it?
  12. 1) 2 days, the weekend you pass out.

    2) Yes, you do one when you join and one when you leave (just makes sure you got the kit, although if I was you, focus on the phase 1 ones first.)

    3) A month, but I transferred to MESM from ME. (If anything as a submariner I'd have thought clearance would have taken longer, Ninja would probably give you a better insight to this.)
  13. Thank you that information helps a lot it's good to finally have some answers and a month I was expecting about 4. I best keep on top of the fitness my running and swimming ain't bad but my upper body strength could do with more work

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