Passed all tests for the second time

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by builderbambi, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Handed in my security form last week and passed the 2.4k test in 10.35 today, my ca is happy with everything and is still holding strong about me going in October this year. So hopefully that's it just waiting a few months till a start date HOPEFULLY! How you ca's have so much patience I'll never know! Well perhaps a cold beer helps when I say a I mean several!
  2. I know the feeling of passing everything for a second time. Hoping for October as well mate, but i'm not convinced :/ . Either way that'll mark the two year point for me. Well done on passing everything again anyway mate, you never know we may get to Raleigh together... eventually!
  3. Stay positive! Be weird to meet people off the forum in basic be good though, I was wondering every one on the forum seems to be training loads, bit worried that gonna get to basic and the fitness level is going to be really high! Hoping some people not on the forum will be not as prepared as us lot!
  4. Damn! i have my PJFT on march the 9th!
    I run the 2.4Km on a running track, and can do 10:40,
    i have never really ran on a treadmill, is it easier? :L
    and do they tell you what you have to keep on to pass??

    Many thanks!


  5. I'm not too worried about the fitness side of things. Obviously I'm training loads to make sure I'm fit enough but so long as I pass I'm not worried about being the quickest guy there. I mean I am definitely NOT built for speed lol, as long as I'm fit enough for training and pass all the test's well thats good enough for me. :)
  6. If you keep it at 13.3 you'll pass i think, but if you can run it in 10.40 you can run it at 13.6 to come in about that time. I would say treadmill is easier that's me personally though.
  7. I'm not worried about bein the fastest as im also defiantly not built for speed unless it's to get to the bar before last orders!
  8. I defo agree with that one


  9. If i pass... there will definitely have to be some Rattlers waiting for me in the Fridge! ;)



  10. It's down to individual preference! Most of the people I know say it's much easier to run on a treadmill, but personally I prefer the track/road... Don't know why, that's just me!! Either way you've got a good time so it shouldn't be too much either side of that on the treadmill. :)
  11. I agree!! I don't pretend I'm an athlete... other than in my dreams perhaps! But I'm fit enough to pass & improving all the time, so let's go for it!! :D
  12. I tend to find running on a treadmill more difficult, simply because I find it difficult to gauge my speed. I always end up having to sprint at the end, and it irritates me because you never seem to get anywhere... ;)
  13. Yeah same here!!

    When you're out running your speed naturally alters itself & then you moderate it again to how tired you feel, or the gradient you're running on. On a treadmill it's so boring & monotonous & it's an unnatural way to run. Hate it!
  14. Dont get me wrong I prefer running on the road at least you've got different scenery to look out, instead of staring at that bloody screen!
  15. yeah, countin the seconds.... !! :crazy:
  16. I find it easier to run a set distance in a required time on the treadmill, since i just stick it at the required speed and know that no matter what it cant go any slower lol. Whereas running outside, it's a little easier to cheat/be lazy. Just passed my PJFT at 10:27, slightly disapointed with myself i wanted to get it to under 10 mins but i just didnt train enough :(
  17. Still not a bad time there though mate it's good to want more but don't put yourself down, just think there are going to be people only just getting through the time!
  18. rolling stone what speed did you have it on?


  19. I'm busy training on roads with a more than average incline. It's tough but i can manage a 11:30 time now. which is barely a pass. it nice to know i got 2 months to get it down.
  20. WSTB - I started at 13.3kph, and stuck with that for the majority, up until maybe 7-8 minutes, where i than kept increasing the speed up until i was sprinting right at the end, think i'd got to about 15kph for the last minute or so, i was fooked, lol.

    The women actually said to me 13.5kph consistent "should" do it in 10 mins 30 seconds, but obviously that wasn't the case, i reckon more like 10:50 or so, but the sprinting cut it down for me.

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