Passed AIB


Passed my AIB last week. 3 out of the 4 Aircrew on my board passed. My Board President said due to me only being 18, and a few other things, my chances of selection are quite high. Didn't realise that being young was an advantage?

Was an awesome experience. Will give a few thoughts that may help future attendees (hopefully try not to overlap information already mentioned).

Don't be late for anything - we had one guy who turned up late on the first night, then turned up late for the psychometric tests after lunch.

In the Planning Ex don't get wound up - I found it amazing how the N2 (Lt.) can destroy your plan no matter how solid you may think it is. When you get asked the individual questions, you are bound to get a few wrong. Also, when presenting your individual plan, you will probably leave the room thinking "That was a stupid idea" (I made my team walk 19 miles at 1mph overnight through the jungle because I was running out of time to present my plan). Walk away from the PlanEx taking all the positives.

PLTs - Has been said many times before but it really DOES NOT matter if you complete the task or not. Remember what the brief the day before tells you because incorrect technique can waste away precious time. When leading the task, always try and re-use members instead of including yourself. A main quality as a leader is to be able to stand back and watch what's going on. Another thing; jog everywhere in the gym, when you get sent to the other end of the chasm to present your plan, jog over there - Shows your motivated and enjoying it.

Interview - Like everyone says, the most relaxed part, but don't relax too much. Preparation is the key for this. Know how to distinguish between a Type 23 & 22, a Mk 3/7/8 Lynx, Mk 4/5/7 Seaking. Also, the are quite keen on your knowledge of the new Type 45, New Carrier's and the Astute class Subs. Use the AIB post here to get the example interview questions. Type out answers to them and read them through thoroughly. Then you won't be surprised (much) at the interview.

Throughout the whole 2 days, try and keep a big smile and enjoy it, it is intense, and extremely demanding, but good fun when you look back on it. Whenever you see the Board, whether it be at the interview, the PLTs or planning ex, always have a smile on your face. The main moto you get to stick by is the famous: CHEERFULNESS IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY - and it does work!!

Hope this helps a bit.

Just want to say a big thanks to Ninja_Stoker and all the other members who have contributed to this section, without it the whole process would have been a lot harder.


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Well done you!

When all's said & done we can collectively try to advise people as best we can, but it's the person that ingests the information and acts upon it, that reaps the benefits & deservedly earns the praise.

I'll cut & paste your advice to those that follow if that's OK- if everyone continues to do likewise, everyone benefits.

Good effort & good luck to all who passed. Likewise "don't give up" to those who may need to re-attend AIB.