Passed AIB with a near Perfect Score, what can I do while I wait?

So this week I passed my AIB with a near perfect score, the Board President said it was the best score he had seen from a potential Warfare candidate in a fair few years. He is also more than confident that I will be selected for the May intake.

I was just wondering what happens now while I wait to be selected? And also how other people have gotten on?
Hi, i passed AIB for TMO in late September and have been waiting since then. Only intakes for my branch are May and September. Well done on passing, that’s a pretty awesome achievement about what the board president said.

You will be asked to complete the security clearance checks and then just wait until mid-late March for the selection board to meet. You should also receive a letter from AIB about your pass and what to do. Were there any TMO applicants at your AIB? How did most people get on?
Only 2/4 passed, the other person who passed applied for Pilot, he had a slightly above average pass. I don't know whether there were any TMO candidates, the majority of us were Warfare, Logs and Aircrew.
Would respectfully suggest the sooner the better. Nobody likes an OD smartass, be it your peers or those involved in your training should you succeed in being selected.
Sage advice. Gob off now but keep shtum once you join. No-one likes a smart arse. Course mates and staff alike!!!!

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