Passed AIB, medical, FAT, security check.. next?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Cullie, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Good evening guys,

    As the title states I'm in an annoying state of limbo. Having gone to AIB and done the necessary I am just waiting for the 'good' news.

    I went to AIB on the 1st of October and have recently been given my medical and security clearance. Was just wondering on the dates of upcoming intakes and the point at which candidates are considered for these entries, I heard a rumour of 29 OCT for the January entry?

    PS. I am applying as Aircrew Officer if that makes a difference for quotas etc.

    Many Thanks,

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hiya Rich,

    It's a difficult one to guage to be honest, the best bet would be to go by whatever your OCLO advises as they are the ones most "up to speed" with the grade of pass, the number in the pipeline & the vacancies available.

    Best of luck anyway, hope it's soon.
  3. Shippers, I passed the AIB end of March, and still have no definate answer! Just a "if not January then more than likely February."

    So to only be waiting a month is quite good!
  4. i know there is a space in jan entry as they pushed me in for 29th of oct entry! start tomorrow argh!!!!

    Good luck with selection think next one after that is april

  5. Best of luck, hopefully see you there, drinks in the Pav?
  6. Potential Officer:
    Look forward to that drink! all the best mate! "see you in the fleet"

  7. Any updates P_O on the Jan intake? Good luck!
  8. Well I have tried on a couple of occassion to call the Officer Training and Selection Officer at AIB, but every time I seem to call he is either on leave or had just left... (Hmm.. might have to apply for that job!)

    When I last phoned, one of the ladies at the AIB Office said that they usually send out the letters five weeks before the join date, so last week of November and I'll know, hopefully!
  9. Good luck once more! I think that you generally get a phone call from them to say we have selected you and that the letter is on the way... that's what's happened to me anyway. Fingers crossed
  10. Oh right, so have you already been told for sure that you are loaded on to the January intake?
  11. You're certainly doing the right thing by pestering the TSO though. Good luck.
  12. Thanks, well if the TSO was in more often I would not have to pester him!

    Its not just me though, sara21 phones him as well! We are all in Limbo!
  13. This is true, I am always trying to get hold of him, he isn't about that much, leaves at 3 and seems to have more holiday allowance than a primary school teacher.

    Still no news from my end, starting to worry now.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Oooh, good stitch-up Sara!

    Good job "Norman" (or whatever persona he/she is currently using) doesn't visit the Newbies forum, he'd be throwing toys all over the place.

    "Time off? Bah, never in my day, we never used to have leave....."
  15. No, its okay I don't think he is a Two and a Half! Although Norman does have a problem with all non-Sea Going Officers!

    Sara21 they don't send out the details until 5 weeks before entry, so still 3 or so weeks before we need to start getting worried!
  16. I am sure his leaving at 3 has something to do with the fact that he is moonlighting as a TSO and really he is busy spending most of the day protecting Queen and country.

    Phew, think I got away with that!
  17. He is a retired Lt Cdr. He is therefore a civilian. He doesn't fall under Navy practice.
  18. Are you the TSO, is that why he doesn't answer, spending all of your time on RR!?

    I didn't know he was a retired Lt Cdr.

    So glad RR is anonymous.... mind the amount of info I've left on here, he could easily find out who I am! *Gulp*
  19. No, I'm not the TSO. Unllke him, I have been selectively promoted in my career, and I don't impersonate an RN officer on the phone. And that's all I'm saying on this matter before it gets nasty.

    On a better note, the four girls who deal with candidate selection are very professional, always nice on the phone and three of them would get it.

    Isn't it better when you can say nice things about people?
  20. Are we sure he retired? I might ask him next time I call... depends whether he is telling me good news or bad.

    Luckily we are both using very clever guises... mwhahahaha

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