Passed AIB however told selection unlikely

Hi all

I passed my AIB recently however was informed by the board president that my likelihood for selection for the BRNC May intake is unlikely due to my final board mark and the high competition for my chosen branch. However this may be subject to change.

Does anybody have any suggestions how to best approach the issue beyond awaiting the selection board on the 23rd March?

I have not spoken to my ACLO yet. Would it be advisable to contact him directly to discuss my options?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



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Ask your ACLO for a debrief on how you did. Investigate the prospect of a short term retake to address the weaker areas and achieve a higher overall score.

Consider Rating entry with a view to retake AIB whilst serving or wait out until March, then review your options.

Depending on branch you may find yourself offered a place in an undersubscribed Officer role of could just be offered an AIB retake after the FSB sits.

Either way, best of luck.


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Now there's a statement that makes me glad I'm no longer serving.
I get your drift but an AIB pass is an AIB pass, which indicates the individual has adequate potential.

Branches that have more applicants than posts available can afford to cream off those with a "near perfect score".

My point is those scoring highest at AIB may not always be the best Officers and our view on what defines the "best" depends on which perspective you take.

I've come across some high-scoring AIB passes who I wouldn't trust organising a brewery piss up. Likewise high academic achievents don't always equate to better leadership skills when compared to a peer group of lower academic achievement.

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