Lantern Swinger
There's a four-page feature on the 63rd/RN Division at Passchendaele in the October edition of Navy News (available from today).

I'll be putting a digitised version of the supplement up within the next week. I'll post the link when I do.

Next up will be the March offensive (1918), followed by the 90th anniversary of Zeebrugge, then the 100 days of victory.

I hope people like the supplements because they take about three weeks each to research and write.
Good one Asst Ed, amazing nearly a year after the Somme and very little learned 'Upstairs'.
800 NZers died in the first couple of hours.
Gallipoli was a failure but Passchendale was a disaster as the son of a Passchendale vet said on NZTV this evening.
Good to see the Belgians still honour the dead every night. BZ to them.
Anyone who hasn't been to Passchendale or the Somme should go it is a very moving experience to walk through the cemeteries.

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