Pass the humbugs

Christmas rears its ugly head once more and the shops are full of people hoovering up bits of tat and crap to delight some unsuspecting relative with on the 25th, some of the gems I've got over the years, a sojers pully, the green job made out of old scotchbrites with epaulets and elbow patches, a manbag, y fronts, the genuine ones, in white airtex, one relly always got me aftershave, different one every year but they all smelled like a tarts handbag, cant wait.
...and it's all thanks to the son of God....or Gary Lineker as he's now known. Cos the Lord wants us to have socks, vinegary foo foos and incredibly burnable onesies.

It's all part of his bigger picture....I think someone should tell him he's crap at pictures!

Now Allah...he's an artist
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