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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn2, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone one here confirm their units stance on passing/not passing the RNFT and the effect (if any) it has on your bounty payment.

  2. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    If you take RNFT then you get full bounty.
    If you take and fail then no reduction, but possibility of action (unlikely in the extreme though).
    If you fail to take then you are supposed to have 30% reduction in bounty - I don't know if this has ever occurred though.
  3. Failure to take test: -20%
    Failure to pass: -10%
  4. Any raise on these suggestions?
  5. CMRTM 01/09 gives the staff answer (look it up when next in Unit).
    Extract as follows:
    The RNFT is compulsory for all personnel on Lists 1 – 5, all of who should maintain a general level of physical fitness commensurate with the demands of the Naval Service.

    a. All RNR personnel under the age of 50 are to be in date for the RNFT in accordance with current guidelines. COs are to ensure their personnel are given ever opportunity to take the RNFT within the reporting year. (CMRTM 02/09 refers).

    b. Failure to take the RNRFT or to reach the required standard within the year will result in administrative or disciplinary action. However, those individuals who have taken but failed the test and who otherwise qualify for Bounty are to receive it.

    c. Those individuals who have not taken the test by 31 Mar 09 but who otherwise qualify for Bounty are to receive a 30% reduction as administrative action iaw 5b above. Personnel whose medical category bars them from undertaking the RNFT may be granted a waiver by the unit CO.
  6. Merci!
  7. I thought we had to be P2 to join or remain in the RNR.
  8. Aldis,
    You may be temporarily unfit (P7R or whatever it's called nowadays)
  9. Thanks for clearing that up for me McH. I had forgotten about P7R.
  10. Not so. P2 for entry though.

    As McH has pointed out, there are temporary MEDCATs which might preclude the RNFT (P7R, P3X/P4 in pregnancy). Reservists with long-term medical problems are entitled to attend the RN Medical Board of Survey for assessment of permanent recategorisation in the same manner as regular personnel.

  11. I wonder if "Lageroveruseage" is considered a recognised medical category... Apart from fat lard arsed bar steward.
  12. Being a fat lard arsed bar steward is a divisional matter, unless there is an underlying medical condition. Lageroverusage is deffo a divisional matter.

  13. Piff, its only a matter of time before the lean mean fighting machine that is in here somewhere gets to the for... At least it had better have otherwise the marathon is going to be one hell of a route march.
  14. 1st May Bounty Day ??
  15. I think we should get it as soon as we've done the required number of days etc..
  16. Yeh how about get fit or get out...

    You are expected to remain in date for your age. It really is NOT that difficult. I'm no racing snake but at 30 I now pass at 16-25 age group - and yes it hurts!!

    If you choose to fail the test you should be given the chance to get fit within a reasonable timescale - RN I beleive is 3 weeks before your next test which if you fail you get another chance (the old three strikes) and if you fail again its time to consider whether your civilian lifestyle is compatible with the RN(R).

    You are what you eat/drink!!
  17. You're a bit of a c*ck realy aren't you?

    The point of the thread is not about to pass or not to pass. The point is to make sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. As you can see from the responses, and as per usual, they aren't!

    I have no problem passing the RNFT 2.4km run at all. Quite easily actually. Can't do the bleep test for the life in me though! Work that one out! Not very good when you aren't given the choice as to which one you want to take though!

    A tip for you, if passing at the 16 - 25 year old bracket hurts, slow down a bit and pass the 30+ test. Unless you're the kind of person who gets off on pain. If so, might i suggest you do us all a favour and do a Kurt Kobain. :roll:
  18. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Its really easy to say "go do it now" - fine if you work full time RN, but not so easy if the unit does PT once per month!

    Fitness is a personal responsibility, but sometimes people aren't hugely fast. I'll confess to failing my RNFT last week - I'm not unfit, I just had a bad day (long story). Does this mean I should reconsider my RNR career - no it doesn't. Does it mean I'm working hard to improve my times - yes it does.

    The regular RN is certainly nowhere near as tough as you make out about remedial training - they're so short staffed that I think only about 2 or 3 people have ever been discharged for repeated fails. If you tried to implement a "pass in 3 weeks or leave the RNR routine", then in 4 weeks time you'd be having to significantly increase your units recruiting targets!
  19. Does this rule apply to the Flying Club?
  20. Sorry, but what bit of the CMRTM extract said "stand fast wafus" ? :?
    Unless explicitly specified otherwise (which I don't think the CMRTM does) then I would think that it applied to the whole of the RNR, including the Air Branch.

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