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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt1993, Sep 4, 2014.

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  1. Generally speaking, do pass out parades take place on a weekend or is it just random/whenever the end of your 9/10 weeks is :)

  2. Friday of week 10 i think as long as you pass it all with no snags.
  3. ah great, thanks :) yeah hopefully i'll get through the 10 weeks without having to be put back for any reason!
  4. As Racel says, it's always the last Friday of your week 10, and it's in the afternoon. If it's raining it's held in the West drill shed.
  5. Afternoon? I swear I read somewhere it's usually morning, though I do remember there being some reason it might be held at different times.
  6. janner

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  7. janners right, what do I know :confused:

    Occasionally, usually the last day of the term if that's when you pass out, it has been held in the morning but it's not a common occurance.
  8. You get there for 9.30 , some tea or coffee, a brief film, recuits get their ep's on stage , much hooting and hollering by the great and good civi proud parents. Raid the cafe for a nasty burger and another coffee. Parade about 2 ish as I remember . Collect your newly pressed matelot have a coffee and chat with thier training team and possibly commander T and then go home with them. Send them off on the train Monday for phase two.

    That was my experience anyway.
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  9. She a 2 ringer yet Dru?
  10. LOl she is a lot of things even a 2 ringer whatever that is SB hahaha. Oh no, sorry she is still waiting for the papers to be raised . There is always some excuse about timing or something. Its driving her mad lol.
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  11. Thanks Dru... so effectively the whole day then (I'm thinking as far as visitors are concerned).
  12. Yes bja whole day. You will need to get to base at about 9am to line up to get into base (unless otherwise stated of course) I think we gathered the new AB together at about 4pm ish after a brief chat with the staff who come arround and a coffee and her chatting to her mates. There were a few more awards handed out and a few lineups for photos ect in the bar after the parade. Quick drive to the pick up her things . They allow you to take your car into the base to get all the cases ect from their block. Make sure your newly pressed matelott is with you to get in the gate with your car as you will park oposite the base and need to get base entry . There were no problems with "Just getting my kit " showing the base card. I think we left base about 5pm in the end but you can leave earlier if you like.

    You can basicaly leave any time after the caps have been thrown in the air but its nice to hang arround for photos and a the new sailors like to say their goodbyes to their mates .
  13. Good stuff, cheers

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