Pass out parade at Raleigh!


So i have just signed up to this forum and i am not entirely sure on how it all works so forgive me if this posts in to a incorrect section!?

Could anyone please tell me the running times and order of play for a pass out parade that will take place in September?
A hotelier i made enquires with told me that his guests leave in the morning to get to Raleigh for about 9.30 but my son tells me that divisions ( i think this is navy speak for pass out ) is in the afternoon?
I understand that there might be some kind of tour and possibly a meal ? But this is just info i have gleaned here and there !!
I am unfortunately one of those mums that like to know every single tiny detail.......
So anyone with a minute by minute itinerary would be great !! Lol

Thanks in advance


Welcome new mom :), this was from last year November:
09:15 Light refreshments
10.15 Film on recruit training
11.00 Presentation of epaulettes & awards
11.30 Guided tours of : Phase 1 accommodation, Submarine School & Cookery School
12.30 Buffet lunch
13.40 Move to Main Parade
14.00 Passing Out Parade & presentations
15.15 Move to Raleigh Club, recruits join parents. Light refreshments and photographer available.

Hope this helps, it's basically a whole day affair and get to the photographer as soon as you can as the line is quite long. After all this the recruits collect all their belongings if doing Phase 2 at a different training establishment and you can then leave with them, I think we left Raleigh at about 17.00.


Wow perfect !
This is exactly what i need ! I always like to have a blow by blow account of everything.

This is very irritating for my son of course !!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply , its very much appreciated

Budgie _Girl

My son is due to pass out in 3 weeks (fingers crossed). Raleigh send you a letter in week 7 with all the details of the day on it. They also send you a pack in week 2 with information about where to stay etc


My pleasure and I know exactly how you feel as I am the same :D, I took a picture of that page of the programme but i couldn't get it to upload, I'm a little "technologically disabled" so that's why it's all typed out :)


Thank you yes recieved the pack and hotels all booked ! Prayimg for no back classing !!

I thought they sent you more info ? But i am too impatient and wasnt sure if it would be informative enough.

Thank you very much for message