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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Some news to shock the Weegies :shock:

    Lights out for Hogmanay party as city pulls event on cost grounds - The Scotsman

    "At the moment we are being asked to justify spending £34 of public money per head on an event which just isn't delivering value and indeed received a fair amount of negative feedback last year," he said. "This is on top of the £19 ticket price we are asking the public to pay."

    A hot topic for RR's Caledonian Debating Society - Bad news or good news?

    Please discuss. :happy1:
  2. Why would you need to spen £19 to go get pissed anyway, that a few beers you missed out on.
  3. Similarly other councils are cutting costs whenever possible. We host the Du Maurier Festival in Fowey every year, previously underwritten by the council, who have now pulled out and left it for the local residents to fund it. It will continue as it does provide good value for the town and Cornwall in general. However what does stick in the throat is the amount of revenue that is taken out of the local economy in the form of parking charges etc by the council and not ploughed back into the local economy.
  4. I would of thought they could recoup some of the cost merely by recycling all the Buckfast bottles.
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  5. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Buckfast is what the locals drink. You don't think the posing party goers that the council tax pays for actually come from Glasgow do you?

    Nah, the real Weegies are at their drug fuelled parties far from George Sq :) (or already banged up in police cells by midnight 31/12.)
  6. I thought they were all out doing late Christmas shopping. I was told choring was the weegie word for shopping, is that right?
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  7. What else did this council piss away financially ?

    Local government + mismanagement of public money go hand in hand. Working in one for 18 months before escaping, I and other's moral was shot to pieces witnessing the decisions Management made.

    The only guarantee you have in LA is that frontline services (or expenditure that could benefit the local community) will always bear the brunt of cuts.... never things like the repairing of the mayor's car, expenses of senior council staff and relentlessly stupid 'Conference' days that cost thousands and serve no good purpose whatsoever.

    Essentially, the theft of public money goes unchallenged by anyone on the inside- no-one is held to account - and it is sickening to watch the impact on the most vulnerable members of the community.
  8. Didn't know that you worked in Jersey? :)

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