Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. But what a way to go, was he shagged to death?


    I didn't know his name, she tells inquest.

    A PARTY girl woke from a one-night stand to find the man in her bed DEAD, an inquest heard.

    Lesley Patterson, 22, invited charmer Darren Owen, 35, to her pad in Talbot Green, South Wales
    But the dad-of-five died from natural causes as he sllept
  2. I suspect she may have problems getting another "date" anytime soon. All seems a bit risky now.

  3. Come and go at the same time, how nice would that be !!
  4. I though necrophilia was a mental illness!
  5. At the inquest, they asked her if she noticed anything differnet

    "Well I saw his eyes rolling, I thought he was coming but he must have been going" :)
  6. I wonder if she noticed if he was a bit stiffer than usual? :laughing6:
  7. That's a coyote job gone wrong! He sobered up in the night and thought "fuck it, I'm outta here!"

    The Coroner should have asked "What the hell was he drinking to go home with that?"

    Probably 4 pints of absinth tops with a scrumpy chaser, IMHO!
  8. Probably died of embarassment, definitely a ten to two last resort situation.
  10. Now that's what you call waking up with a stiffy! :p

    It'll be interesting to see if she gets an invite to the wake.

    I love the use of the phrase "Party Girl" (ie slapper)! She obviously has principles - at least she took the trouble to find out his first name before getting him home.
  11. I was into necrophilia until some rotten c*** split on me
  12. Must of died from embarassment, if he was spotted with that :afro:
  13. At least he went with a bang ;-)
  14. I remember the time this railway type man phoned the station to ask for assistance. The happy couple had been bonking away in the railway sidings in his car when she cried I am coming and he cried I am going. Poor woman was in a terrible state. What will his wife say she asked?? SLUT!!!

    Then we have the man who called the doctor.

    Doctor doctor I think my wife is dead. Why do you think that asked the doctor. Well sex is the same but the washing is piling up.

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