Participants of Nuclear Weapons Tests,

Discussion in 'Petitions' started by jpl_75, Sep 12, 2008.

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  1. Signatures are needed for this petition.
    The Children and Grandchildren of personell involved in the Nuclear tests and who are suffering Genetic damage as a result of this Testing.

    Your signatures on the link following will be greatly appreciated by those concerned.
  2. as a DO at Sultan i have petitioned quite a few of my students to inform thier parents as to the website.

    i can only deduce that this is the reason for the increased mong alert in new phase2/3 trainees i see at regular intervals
  3. I possibly didn't make it clear what this petition is all about.
    Service personell were used to test the effects of radiation in the 1950s on the Christmas Islands, and apart from the effect this has had on lots of them, it now appears that some of their Children and even Grandchildren are suffering Genetic disorders.

    There has been a very limited response to this petition so far, and obviously more is needed.
  4. Knocking ones head against a mine-proof bulkhead would be rather less painful than petitioning Mr Brown.
    The dear man is protected from criticism by an army of sycophantic Civil Servants together with a Flotilla of PR men and women who will fob you off through the usual channels by attrition.
    In any event speed is of the essence as it seems the matter will be sub judice early in the New Year.
    Rosenblatts Solicitors are acting for the Atomic Veterans in their Class Action against the MOD.
    The government is again defending the indefensible at great Public expense ,only to lose as they did in the Porton Down debacle.
    The problem lies for the MOD, in that they feel obliged to defend such cases as, even after 50 years ,certain responsible officers and officials are still with us.
    If the Nuclear Veterans surviving children can survive ,say, another 10 years--Claiming will be MOD lawyer free.
  5. But the cost in defending such nonsenses will be obscene.
    MOD Lawyers will need to consult their civilian counterparts as , for the most part MOD lawyers are inept. Otherwise they would be earning far more in the real world The cost of defending will outweigh the compensation that would otherwise be payable I suggest The Lawyers will again benefit.

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