Parliamentary Enquiry- Nuclear Test Veterans

Discussion in 'History' started by barrackstanchion, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Appeared briefly in Current Affairs but was swiftly censored. Will try again in the interests of democracyand fair play Embargoed until the forenoon 09 November 2007 when it will be available to down-load from Dr Ian Gibson's MP web-site or Mr John Baron's MP.
    The contents will be of considerable interest to the crews of:-
    It will be of passing interest to crews of HMAS Hawkesbury and HMNZ's Pukaki and Rotoiti but they are being well looked after by their respective governments
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    Dr Gibson and Mr Baron were responsible for organising a cross-party investigation into this issue. It is important to emphasize that this is NOT a Commons Committee investigation, so any proceedings or reports will be available either in Mr Baron's or Dr Gibson's websites, and not on the official Parliamentary website.

    Dr Ian Gibson's website

    Mr John Baron's website

    Their Report is available from this link:

    Nuclear Test Veterans: A cross-party Inquiry

    John Baron asked the following at Prime Minister's Questions:
    Commons Hansard: 14 Nov 07, Col.664

    John Baron's website - for comment

    Dr. Rowland's Report:

    New Zealand Nuclear Test Veterans’ Study: a Cytogenetic Analysis

    Is available here [note: this opens a PDF document. It is 57 pages long]
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