Parking while deployed?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by will!, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question,one of my friends is in the Navy and he's just left for the Gulf,i noticed that he had left his car at home.Usually he takes it but i ask someone why its at home and they said that if he's away for awhile they clamp the cars and tow them away to a compound then you pay £60 to get it back?? How true is this or is it someone making porkies.
    thanks Will
  2. If it is parked outside his house, as long as it has current road tax and is insured and MOTd, no one will tow it away.
  3. sorry i havnt explained myself properly,i mean he usually takes it with him but he hasnt because when he does take it and he leaves it at portsmouth it gets clamped and towed to a secure compound until he gets back,but he gets charged for it as well.
  4. Depends where he parks it. Sometimes the establishments need a car park to be cleared (resurfacing, static displays, fireworks night, etc) and give reasonable notice to remove vehicles. Any not moved by the date required will be lifted and shifted and the cost is usually transferred to the owner.
  5. Tell him to get a draft to Guzz, they have a nice safe compound and it don't get clamped.
  6. :thumright: Used to leave my car in the long term car park in Guzz Dockyard.

    Other establishments I used to garage the car at home and catch a train.

    Seems Guzz is the only place set up or given any thought to deployments.

    Leaving it at home is the better option as family can look after it, start it regularly etc,
  7. thanks for the reply,i'll keep that in mind,i just thought it was abit odd that you get charged for leaving your car while your away.
  8. Clyde base doesn't do too bad with a multi story car park available.
    Your car might look shit after 6 months though with the dust from the builders across the way knocking up new accom.
  9. My mate Kenny on the Glasgow left his car on the Hard in Pompey when we sailed for a weeks pissing about.
    He actually left it on one of the slips, and the first inkling of trouble came when we got the papers delivered on the way in, and there was a photo of his Golf on the ebb tide floating out to sea.

    We laughed, but Kenny didn't!

    I still laugh!
  10. There is a car park for people going away on deployment (outside the docks). You can only leave it on base for a shot time. I believe 30 days was max in Pompey Dockyard itselfwhen I was in.

    Unless things have changed in reference to that I don't know it was this when I was in up unitl 2003 but I will stand corrected on this
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    wii,,,, If the neighbour that your stalking owns a car and has road tax, he can park where they want. Why don't you phone the police/council when the road tax runs out.

    Hmmmmmmmmm strange question if your a member of the RN.
  12. not really a strange question when i'm not in the RN yet and if you read the thread you'll know what i'm on about....

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