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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by andy198712, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. andy198712

    andy198712 New member

    Bit of an odd question!

    after your 10 weeks at Plymouth, in your 6months at Sultan (AET) what do/can you do about visiting the kids ect on the odd weekend you may get off later on?

    is it simply i have to catch the train again down to cornwall and back?

    i'm asking as if i can park my motorbike up there on base somewhere it would make things alot easier! and cheaper!


  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  3. andy198712

    andy198712 New member

    lol cheers for the quick reply guys.

    i asked as i thought they prefered you to take the train, heck they pay for your ticket there so, and i can see how it wouldnt work if everyone took their cars in, but i thought if i tucked the bike out the way somewhere it would get the nod...

    i got my PRNC on monday so can ask about a bit then

  4. 0G1N

    0G1N New member

    Can you get CTM for your bike or have they throw the towel in on Convert to Milage, or am I talking B*llox
  5. Guzzler

    Guzzler War Hero

    Even if you're not he's hardly going to have a clue what you're on about is he?
  6. Bisley

    Bisley War Hero

    When you get to sultan turn left onto the tech site and park up the mgs won't even notice as they are mostly asleep
  7. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    As a serious answer, in Phase 2 you can have your bike/car at Sultan but you will park a long way from your accommodation.
  8. Polto

    Polto War Hero

    The A38 at night on a bike is fraught with danger. On a Friday, it is probable that you will be on this road during the dark careful. I sometimes found it beneficial to set off very early in the morning so by the time I got to the M5, the sun was just up...happy days.
  9. 0G1N

    0G1N New member

    hey up Guzzler he has a tongue in his head he can ask, well he can now I've mentioned it, hoping that one of you would be able to say still valid or no
  10. Polto

    Polto War Hero

    Travel claims are just about non-existent nowadays.
  11. 0G1N

    0G1N New member

    Good call, but the sun was just up??????
  12. Polto

    Polto War Hero

    Yes - it happens most mornings, even in the West Country. When i said I set off early in the morning, I meant early early.
  13. 0G1N

    0G1N New member

    That's early
  14. smeeg

    smeeg New member

    When i was there bikers were able to park on accommodation side.
  15. andy198712

    andy198712 New member

    cheers bud,
    Thanks for that, i dont mind that, not like i'll be using it daily :)
  16. andy198712

    andy198712 New member

    cheers for the heads up, normally get to the A30/M5 ASAP but i'll be warey on the 38, cheers :)
  17. andy198712

    andy198712 New member

    guessing it just ment convert my train tickets to fuel money.... my tickets up for this week are £77 so wouldnt mind that lol
  18. andy198712

    andy198712 New member


    i'll ask about and see how i get on.

    i just wanted to know as i'll need to re MOT/TAX/Insure it before my basic, then take it up to phase two when i can. if parking of "students" was a no no then it wouldnt have bothered but makes my life alot easier having the bike up there for seeing the kids and lady when possible :)
  19. andy198712

    andy198712 New member

    keeping with the times i guess!

    is that what they call "get you home pay" ?
  20. WreckerL

    WreckerL War Hero

    For less traffic I always leave the M5 and head into pointy head land via the A30. The A38 is shite IMO

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