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My Grandson had his medical with Capita, it took about 30 minutes. During the course of the conversation he said that he suffered with Tourettes. She asked in what way & he said that sometimes his voice went a deeper level. She said she would have to fail him but for him to appeal. He appealed with his cadet unit and his GP writing letters. He had been at Cadets for 4 years and they had no idea that he had Tourettes. They sent a letter with all his qualifications including 2 out of 3 years he'd been cadet of the year. He had also represented his area in the 2017 Trafalgar day in London. He had also gone last year to Acadia in Canada for 6 weeks. The letters were sent to the Navy & he had an answer from the Surgeon Commander from Portsmouth saying that he could see no reason why he couldn't join and telling him to take the letter with him to future exams. He had another test where he had to blow and have his ears looked at. She queried his tourettes and said she would sent it to the Capita head doctor. He had a email saying that it was going to SMOSE. A few days later he was told it was going back to Capita to the head doctor . He is getting so stressed about it and feels that he's going one stop forward but 2 back.
Any advice would be appreciated. He's also been on TS Royalist and took part in the Tall Ships race to Dublin last year
SMO(SE) is the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries). They should be the final yes or no decision as to suitability for entry on medical issues.

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