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open glass bit porthole, metal plate deadlight, had them on tribal class, I was a baby junior sent by my boss to chief posser for a deadlight fuse, thought what a twat won't get me again, he did, sent me to get the mess clock , long weight? Ho the heady whimsical day of being a junior sprog.
maybe my skimmer terminology is a bit rusty, it was 1975?

edited, does this level of piss take still go one, eg splash target coxswain? Or in the modern world of PC and tree huggers is this now classed as bullying?
I volunteered for splash target coxswain when on the Lynx (she was part of the standby squadron based out of Chatham). FFS what a bite. As a sprog I just couldn't take it in that it was a wind up given that the sign-off was by the skipper and I had visited MEO, WEO, SO etc to get the chit counter signed. I was absolutely shitting myself when it was explained what I would be doing :(:(:(
Never volunteered for anything or bit ever again & got one of my oppos (a Sparker) a right royal treat on the Plymouth. He actually went to the Navigating Officers cabin and asked him for the keys to the pool room! You should have seen his face and heard the expletives as he slid down the ladder into 3E mess upon his return :mad::mad::mad:
@Auddpre have you gone to the AFCO and done any tests yet?
Best advice anyone can give will be have a chat to your AFCO about that as that sounds like a re-trade after weapons Engineer jobby, when you go to your AFCO you'll be booked in for a initial test that basically says weather you have the mental aptitude for the role you choose. As for re-trading as an AET (I think that's what you mean by Aeronautical Engineer) after going into Weapons you can ask to move but I think it'll only be granted based on shortages and requirements etc. I reckon if you want to go for aeronautical Engineering you should apply for it from the start - you'll only be happy in the job that you go for if you haven't got your sights set on a different trade.

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