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Well somehow I have stumbled across this page, my son reports to Raleigh on 07.01.18

How is the best way for me to prepare his young brother and myself for his B.B. departure?

Anyone know how long before he gets leave?
Get him used to hand washing, ironing and making his bed at 0545.

Starting on that date, he won’t get leave for the full 10 weeks apart from 5hours on the Sunday of week 7 and 5 hours on the Saturday of week 9. Its likely then he’ll have the weekend of pass out off, straight into phase two and then Easter leave around the first two weeks of April.


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Have a read through the thread, all sorts of things are covered, you will soon pick out the Mums if you want to ask them something go @Mrs Plum or whatever and they will hopefully pick up you query.
Hello all!
I just wanted to shout to new Navy mum’s that my son is currently at HMS Raleigh and just completed week 4. Last night speaking with him was the first time he has sounded energised and fired up about the training which was a welcomed relief. So if your getting those calls that leave you feeling down because they are now pushed out of their comfort zone, tired frustrated missing home it will get better.....

On another matter, 2 failed kit musters anyone got top tips??
do better at kit ?

If he calls, get him to ask his class mates who pass kit musters, to help him understand where he is going wrong?
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do better at kit ?
Leaving aside Sumo’s perhaps rather flippant tone, he does have a point.

Generally when recruits are failing at kit it’s because they’re not putting enough effort in.

I realise that’s not nice for a parent to hear, but washing, ironing and folding kit isn’t difficult. Of course some people find it easier than others and can get it done more quickly, but that just means those that don’t need to to dedicate more time to it.

Going back to my original point; how much time is your son spending on Facebook or whatever? Too much possibly? Some lads in my sons division we’re doing exactly that, making a half-arsed attempt at their kit, deciding it was ‘good enough’ and then sitting in the rec room loafing. Those same lads then failed kit musters.

Please don’t think I’m calling your son lazy, I’m not. Many people struggle with time management or sticking with a boring task. Let’s face it, ironing isn’t fun. Human nature being what it is, the temptation to say ‘that’ll do’ can be difficult to resist.

What your son needs to do is resist that temptation and put in the extra effort.

He can always ask his classmates for help too. Polishing boots to a mirror-like finish was never my thing, but the class leader was an ex-soldier that was all over it but hated ironing. I’ve never minded ironing so he polished my boots and I ironed his sheets.