Parent's can have models made of their dead babies

I can't quite believe it's real. Surpsrised that someone thought of it. I suppose if it helps... Though it doesn't seem like it would, though i pray i'll never have to know. It doesn't seem like photos, the dolls are just representing your child. That seems odd to me. Each to their own i suppose...

Just actually read the article... this quote shocked me: “Just because a baby has died doesn’t mean they should be forgotten". As though any parent could ever forget a lost child!

The artist is obviously very talented, and i agree with one commenter, that the dolls make souvenir of a child's babyhood. But for children that died so young, it seems like such a lifelike object (beating heart!) it would be absolute torture for a parent.


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I cant really speak for how parents feel for the loss of their children as i'm not a father at this time. I have however experienced the anguish of having to explain to the parents of a little lad of 7 weeks why the doctors are putting tubes down his throat and why he keeps arresting, not a good day. I would say that these "artist" are cashing in on the sadness and anguish of the parents for their own financial means.

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