Parent's can have models made of their dead babies


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I don't think this is above board, how are people supposed to get over their babies deaths by having a model of them?

Could this not pose as more of a problem to bring on depression rather than to help?

What do you think?

MANY mums and dads devastated by the death of a baby find it impossible to move on.

But some now believe they have found a new way of easing their grief — by having a replica DOLL made of their tiny loved one.

The models, called Reborn Dolls, are super lifelike. They have a mechanical beating heart, glass eyes, realistic hair and even veins.

Experts can craft them to look IDENTICAL to a child that has died.

Weights are placed in their limbs and bodies to make them feel just like a real baby in your arms. Parents are also given the option of having their model dressed in their infant’s favourite outfit.

Wendy Graham, from Lincoln, is one of the UK’s leading “Rebornersâ€. In the past four years she has made several dolls for parents who have lost children.

The artist told us: “It’s a very personal thing for people.

Re: Parents can have models made of their dead babies

That isn't easing their grief - just prolonging it. A bit like keeping their bedroom the way it was when they died.
Spooky, a bit like people who keep ashes and stuff in the house, even came across someone who had their dog's ashes on the mantlepiece.
Dead is dead, but I suppose if it helps them......


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I don't think this is sick or twisted - just very very sad... we had the hand and foot prints plus photos and that was fine. We have 2 fantastic children now who are happy to visit the grave etc etc - but how you would explain away a doll to them goodness only knows.


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stabradop said:
Thats really twisted. It makes you wonder what kind of a sick mind could have thought up such an idea.


That's the biggie mate, who would even dream of something like this? I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for bereaved parents, I can only imagine how hard it must be to lose a child, and if they think that doing this might ease their grief just a little, then fair enough.
Personally I don't see how it could make things easier for them, it's almost like saying "look at what you could have had!".
I do think that anyone who may have thought this up, in order to cash in on people's grief, is utter scum.


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stabradop said:
Thats really twisted. It makes you wonder what kind of a sick mind could have thought up such an idea.

Artists are usually very weird people, especially those who hope to exhibit their work in the Tate Modern Gallery. However, I'm not so sure that these models really are sick or twisted.

It is quite the norm for people to take countless photographs of their babies, and home videos are popular. Both are just methods of preserving memories of times that have gone. So why should making a doll based on the child be any different? Are the mannequins in Madame Tussauds sick or twisted? The doll could be explained to brothers and sisters to show them what their late brother or sister used to look like. How big he/she was, how much he/she weighed, it just gives an idea. A better idea than can be achieved by looking at old photographs and watching home videos.

What is sick and twisted is if the grieving parents looked to the doll as some form of replacement, as if the doll actually was the dead child that they lost. In this case such a model would certainly be dangerous to the parent's sanity.

So in conclusion, the models themselves aren't sick nor twisted, nor is the artist of any particular disgusting mind. But the mentally unstable parent still in mourning is in need of counsel and serious psychological help if they look to the doll as anything other than a three-dimensional photograph.