Parental responsibility - don't read if easily angered!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Squirrel, May 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,
    My sister, a social worker in what must be the shitehole of the universe (Wrexham, North Wales) although I'm happy to stand corrected, spun me this dit on Saturday that I just couldn't believe.

    She and her colleague were at a house doing a follow-up visit for a long standing case of theirs. The feckless chav with whom she was dealing points out,
    "I've got no money to feed the kids this week, they'll have to go without"

    Sis goes into the kitchen and checks the cupboards and the fridge, and true enough, not a scrap of food in the house, although (and get this) the fridge is toppers with tinnies. She then returns to the chav and asks "so where've all your benefits for the week gone?"

    chav replies "dunno, they've just been spent on nothing"

    Sis "I'll tell you where they've gone, they've gone on the fcuking booze in the fridge and on the sky package that you've got there in front of you!"

    Sis leaves and goes back to office, compiles a field report for boss.....

    Now it starts........

    Supervisor tells Sis to get back to the house, check situation, make an emergency food purcase of £50 from public funds, and bollocks her for "affronting the individual's dignity". Sis duly does this, turns up at door, shopping taken from her without a word of thanks, door slammed in face.

    I asks Sis why kids aren't just taken into care, but she assures me that the thresholds are quite high, and that that particular family were nowhere near them.

    What I don't get, is where is the line between the state's responsibility to it's young, and a parent's. I mean, I understand that children can't be left to starve, but at the same time, if you bring a child into the world, surely you are responsible for providing for him/her.

    I couldn't do her job for any money.
  2. Silly boy Squirrel, you should know that the State exists soley to take care of chavs, dossers etc, er sorry I meant the socially challenged. As for your sister challenging the fridge full of beer, she really ought to know that beer is liquid bread, as the Czechs say, and therefore counts as food. :thumright:

    PS Had she put the said chav out of her misery, would that count as self defence?
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its a hard fact of life, its cheaper to spend our money in this way, as against taking the kids into care. One of the standard Chav moves is to turn up at the benefits office with the kids and threaten to leave them there if more money isn't forthcoming.
    I'd rather see a system where the long term unployed are given a minimum of cash and vouchers for the necessities of life. Any shops caught abusing the system (giving fags or booze for the vouchers) could be fined heavily. Not perfect but it has to be some sort of incentive to get back to work.
  4. You need a licence to fish, a licence to drive, but any idiot can be a parent
  5. [

    Sis "I'll tell you where they've gone, they've gone on the fcuking booze in the fridge and on the sky package that you've got there in front of you!"

    I really admire your Sister, we need more like her. I can not wait for a social worker friend of mine to read this. I have upset this friend because I object to calling some of her "clients " parents. I refer to them as Bios (biological Mothers and Fathers)
    Hope your Sister stays in this job, and my best wishes to her
  6. If they can,t feed their kids, let them EAT them.
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You picks your branches, you takes your chances... :roll:
  8. The booze should be seized by the police, sold in the police canteen and the proceeds given to the children to buy their own food. On a serious note I agree that food vouchers are the best way forward. Sterilisation as a pre-condition to receiving benefits would be another option: for those in intergenerational work shy families.
  9. Makes my blood boil , fxxxxxxxxg freeloaders living off my taxes , sadly will never get turned around . :rambo:

  10. Unless you are a down and out, druggy, alcoholic, loads of chavs with parents who do nothing but the above, immigrants, you will get nothing from the state because it all goes on them.

    Your sister is a heroine mate in the true sense of the word. Me, I would have smacked my boss in the face, put the kids into care, emptied all the cans, and took the sat tv to where the kids were going, then gone out for a meal and a drink on the £50.

    Regards, Chris


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