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Parental consent


I'm intending to join the navy when I'm 16, however my mum isn't to happy about the idea, and I was wondering whether I need to have both of my parents signatures or if I can get in with only my dads.

@Paulajayne it is very difficult to offer advice when we don't know the state of relations between yourself and your Mum and between your Dad and your Mum. Getting your own way by hook or by crook might seem like a good plan but how is this going to affect your immediate family in the long term? Mums,bless `em, very often are not keen on their kids going into the armed forces to be away from home and goodness knows where but they can be persuaded to let you give it a try on the understanding that you keep in touch and be fully informed of all that's going on. Involve her in the application process so she knows what's going on at all stages and she may come round to your way of thinking. Dads, especially ex-service dads, might well be very agreeable but you shouldn't put him in the position of directly opposing your Mum. You are to be applauded for your determination and enthusiasm but you'll need to tread very carefully around those who know you best. Listen to them even if you don't agree with their standpoint and gather information to try and allay their very natural fears for your well being.
Very good luck for the future.
If you live with both parents, both must give consent.

There probably isn't a (caring) parent on the planet that doesn't have reservations. My tip? Involve your parents, take them to your AFCO with you so their reservations and questions can be answered simultaneously.
Two bits of good advice above, mine on the other hand couldn't sign fast enough, my old man recons the mob calmed me down, even though all they saw at home was the drunken sailor?

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