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Paratrooper Cpl. Peter Thorpe - Appeal for Donations


This is an appeal for Paypal donations for my friend Cpl. Peter Thorpe, who was tragically taken from us in Afghanistan on Saturday.,,2-2006300517,00.html

Pete grew up around the corner from me on Walney Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria and leaves behind his fiance Clare, two younger brothers and a sister and his mother and father.

Pete was a great friend loved by all who knew him and a top class Para who had just passed for sergeant.

All donations will be passed on to Clare and and Matthew, his next eldest brother who is a great friend and also served in the Army, to be used by the family to remember him as they see fit.

Please visit and make donations to the account of:

[email protected]

Those of you who use the ARRSE forum, I would be greatful if you could direct people to this post.

Thanking you all in advance. I will keep you updated.
I know that this is in an excellent cause but I think you need to prove your credentials before people start sending money to someone they have never met.
Hi Cutter,

Shipmates on RR are generous for a good cause, but must be sure that they are actually donating to a good cause and not being defrauded in a scam, which are, after all, not uncommon these days. Please comply with the very reasonable requests made to you by our Mods, or the rest of us will not unreasonably assume that you're trying it on.

If you do so I would suggest placing your revised request in the Charity forum rather than here, and suggest as an act of generousity that the Mods erase this thread.


My details are:

Mike Bartlett


I live a minutes walk from Pete's mum's house. If this was a scam not only would I be on a par with Fred West, every bloke in this small community would come around and kick my teeth in. If anyone wants it I can email a screen grab of my paypal statement to show people who have already donated.

Sorry for being short before, it's been a bad week for obvious reasons. All of Pete's friends and I would be most grateful if you would donate even just a couple of quid.

I will of course let you know what we got the family with donations.
Cutter, due to OPSEC reasons, may I advise that you rethink advertising your 'personal' details. However, proving that this is for charity can be done by other means.
I'm not really sure what OPSEC is. I have no problem with people knowing who I am and where I live.

Many thanks to Steve for his donation.
As collections of this type are likely to continue for various reasons perhaps the moderators should get together and develop a simple process that can overcome some of the problems this thread has exposed.

I don't think any one here would like to ban such thing but at the same time there is a need to deal with the problems of both security and fraud.

Well said Peter and I totally agree. I feel people, especially ex forces will always be up for donating to a worthy cause as long as they know it is legit. Not saying young 'Cutter's' is not, just needs validating.
brigham600 said:
Well said Peter and I totally agree. I feel people, especially ex forces will always be up for donating to a worthy cause as long as they know it is legit. Not saying young 'Cutter's' is not, just needs validating.
Yes I am sure Cutter is a good egg, we just need a way of stamping a little lion on him.

It has been mentioned on here and via PM a few times that he should PM the CO's regarding this.
Dear All,

I have just PM'd Bad_CO in order to inquire about how I can verify the 'whip round' for Pete.

He arrived at Brize Norton today so there is still time for donations before his funeral.

It's been decided to buy Pete's family a small painting of the last picture taken of Pete so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you kindly

Mike Bartlett

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