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paras vs marines


One way I have heard it put is the Royal Marines train body and mind to produce a well rounded soldier. The Paras look for and bring out that evil little bastard that lives within us all and trains it to inflict maximum carnage on the enemy. Unfortunatly, this also leads to others, men women children etc getting filled in to! lol
I started in training at CTCRM and have been in the army for a number of years. I have friends in both Royal and the Paras. The difference in their personalities in clearly evident.
Just consider how both have performed on peace keeping duties as opposed to war fighting. One unit has performed considerably better that the other and we both know which one that is. Royal does seem to be able to behave itself a whole lot better.


War Hero
Yes, I know - Holy Thread Resurrection!!

Rather than start a new thread to show you this, I looked for a relevant old one.

Some things never change, although in reality unless you understand Latin, it is a non story. But still a cheeky idea! BZ RM PR!

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