Paras....update....couldn't resist....hehe

TwistedFireStarter said:
I have just rung my para cousin and gave him the link to that article. He rang back and said he is gonna hunt me down and kill me for laughing :mrgreen:
What with, his handbag!! :thumright: :w00t:
Doubt it "she" must have shit herself at every jump, so they would be soiled

Does my bum look big in this?

I was going for the same op but the surgeon refused to remove 14 inches said I would be better standing outside RMB Deal and use it
Jack_McHammocklashing said:
I did not think most of them needed the op, it was just natural :)
After a couple of goes on the knacker cracker you are only a few pills away from honourary Thai Ladyboy. Anyway, thats why subsunk wings droop, cause you have to have a big ol' pair to jump over the ogin.
Have you checked out the Gallery?

I don't know who looks better him or his "heterosexual Girfriend Rachel".

Bet they both pull at a grab a granny night
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