PARA's are better than Marines!

I'm very much a fan of live and let live as long as the person concerned is doing me no harm. When we changed the policy which prevented women going to sea and then later the one which prevented Gay and Lesbian personnel joining - I can't say that I was particularly bothered either way.

I don't care what colour, gender, creed or general flavour a person is as long as they don't use it as a stick to beat the system and they get on with the bloody job and do their share.

It should be that simple, but it often is not.

With this lady - Jan - the bit where it said "When Jan told her bosses she was transgendered and undergoing transition to be a woman, she was not allowed to take up a posting as an Army Media Liaison Officer in Gibraltar" is yet another example of some cretin who spoke and acted before thinking and will end up costing the MOD yet more dosh in compensation.

There could be more to this story and there probably is but it is just a shame that the compensation can't come from the idiot concerned.



Lantern Swinger
Have seen far better looking lady boys here!

Reckon there has to be a lot more behind this storey - knowing this must be a sensiitive issue to say the least! Why was he/she even considered for a job like this in the first place? The decision for "refusal" must have been discussed and I am sure some other solution to the situation would have been offered

Personnaly, I think he/she is being selfish and has been trying to force the issue and make a point or a statement. I do not know, but it seems unlikely that the overwhelming desire to change sex can not simply appear overnight but has been there for several years, so why did he/she join up again if he/she knew this was going to probably happen?

What did he/she really think the attitude of the Paras - or indeed the army - would be?

While I can not say I have actively done so, I do support those that feel the overwhelming need to change sex but can not do so here because it weems that a political pint is being made. Neither the Army nor the taxpayer should owe this person anything in the way of componsation if other employment or an alternative solution was offered.

Interesting perspective mcCloggie. I hadn't thought of it being selfish but I suppose she should have known the resistance, attitudes and general difficulty she would be facing. It still does not make the treatment right though.

A simple phonecall to the Army Legal bods would have resulted in sound advice to tread carefully and find another way of letting her down. What about not wanting to post her away so soon after major surgery or whatever.



Lantern Swinger
I will not be able to see the programme so I am second guessing everything here.

SF - My point exactly. If refused the posting because he was now she big trouble. The same result could be achieved by all sorts of excuses. I just find it hard to believe that this was not the case and believe that - maybe correctly - she has read between the lines but is now making a big show of it for - sorry to say it - selfish reasons!

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