Can anyone shed any light onto why I have a 5 digit number in my NEW messages box? I can still receive and send messages fine, and there are no other problems with my account. Is it my future bar-code number labour want to give me to prove my identity? Is it big brother watching me? Is it the MODS watching me? :twisted: Is it alien-life language for 'Pinta your getting paranoid, you've got to start drinking again'? :lol:
Ghost Rider help!! xx
Sorry about that - it's a known site software problem that we've been hoping that one of the gurus who produce the software will fix. I periodically clear all these down to zero again - I'm about to sack it tonight but will add it to the things-to-do. If I haven't remembered to crack it in the next week, please email me at [email protected] with a reminder.
Thanks ruggers x
Thanks Good Co. Phew was starting to think I was a very popular girl with over 6000 new messages in my Inbox :p
Promise I will reply to everyone xx

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