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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mikeandsouth, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. I'm currently at uni studying for a mechanical engineering degree, and have been looking to joing the navy once I graduate. I am however getting a bit fed up of engineering, I'm not enjoying it, and it's nothing like I expected.

    I'm very interested now in a career as a paramedic, as I have some experience in this area, and think I'd be happier doing this than engineering (bye bye decent money!). I still like the idea of the navy though, so what I want to know is, what, if any, oppurtunities are there for a paramedic to join the navy? I'm going to ring careers office next week, just thought I'd ask you knowledgable lot first....

  2. Why?? :thumright:
  3. Medical assistant is the closest equivalent, see the navy website for details. Its really not ilke a paramedic though, you will spend most of your time on a ship/sub attending to everyday compalints. Finish your degree, and go in as a marine engineering officer, the pay is brill, you get to be an officer in the RN and you will get a cash bonus of 12k as a "golden hello".
  4. Yeah that was my thinking but i couldn't be arsed to take the time to reply. Who want to be a Paramedic eh!! :thumright:
  5. Alternatively, if you want to be a paramedic, go for it, but do it in civvy street. You could join the RNR instead of going in full time, that way you can get the best of both worls, both paramedic and RN.
  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! What school of advice giving do you come from??
  7. Indeed, ex RD, I thought Id give him the heads up so he knows what the financial reward for pursuing engineering in the RN is. If he still wants to be a paramedic, then good on him, its a very admirable profession imo.
  8. I don't dispute the fact that its an admirable profession because i bloody do it as a profession. I was pointing out that it might not be a good idea doing it in civvy strasse as it doesn't meet the expectation/reputation people with standards expect.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Welcome to the site. (Sure I've seen this question elsewhere...)

    Most AFCOs are shut until Monday 05 January, however you can ring the virtual AFCO on 08456 07 55 55 (09:00-21:00) daily.

    As a graduate Engineering Officer, starting pay £28K with a potential £12K Golden Hello.

    Medical Assistant [MA](nearest you'll get to paramedic, but not a paramedic) starting pay £13K- you will still undergo the full MA training package regardless of civilian qualifications, as service administration aspects are entirely different.

    Good luck.
  10. If you want to be a paramedic in the armed forces, Combat Medic Technician in the Army is your best bet, but I will echo my fellows on here, you have a talent for engineering, pursue it, because in the end fella are you going to be as good at patching people up as you would be patching an engineering department up, probably not.
  11. Rubberdagger, I agree with your viewpoint, sorry if it wasnt clear from my post. Massive respect re what you do for a living, you paramedics are amazing people.
  12. No worries. The jobs bollocks if you want the truth. We spend more time mopping up societies shite than saving lives.

    Oooooooo Mr cynical
  13. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

    It's worth pointing out that Army CMT's can now leave with some form of Paramedic accreditation, although you'll have to go play with the ARRSE bandits to get more information on that.
  14. If you dislike engineering I can understand you not wishing to spend the rest of your life turning chunks of metal on a lathe.

    However, if it's a paramedic and front line medical care then the armed forces may not suit either. As said the Army may offer the nearest to what you appear to be after.

    I was fortunate to spend 8 years in SAR and it's very satisfying to save a life, but not for the squeemish nor in my case long term - very traumatic. (After the event, when the adrenalin dies down).

    Paramedics are as you will appreciate, be in the thick of the worst trauma cases imaginable, road traffic accidents, burns victims, (my worst fear), to dealing with the elderly and basic casualty handling.

    Only you can decide what the future holds, but civilian Paramedics do have a promotion structure and just may suit your personal needs. Whilst the armed forces offer a lot, a Medical Assistant just may not stimulate you enough and you may start looking afield again.

    Do your homework, look at all the options, take advice from the AFCO's and good luck in whichever direction you go in.
  15. If you are looking for a change of direction why not try for Warfare officer or similar?
    I believe that your degree still counts for extra pay.
  16. I know it sounds like blasphemy on this site, but the RAF has paramedics...
  17. And you dont even have to go regular to become one so i'm led to believe. Aeromedical Evac Sqn at Lyneham is comprised of mainly volunteers.

  18. Even if you like engineering I could understand you not wishing to spend the rest of your life turning chunks of metal on a lathe, 'cos that's not what RN Engineering is's more "project management", "asset management", "works maintenance", "people management", etc...
  19. Have another drink and try answering the question again... :thumright:
  20. I stand by my comments. When society learns that calling an ambulance to try to queue jump but does clog up the system doesn't get them anywhere then the likes of myself who now has to go private to get anything done might not be quite so cynical.

    Just a thought..........loves yer moomin :thumright:

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