Paramedic is attacked on call out

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Not being funny mate but violence and verbal abuse is nothing new. Its how we choose to deal with the aggressors!!
  2. How about wrapping a wheel brace around their skulls and then leaving them a telephone number so that they can call an ambulance?
  3. The thought has crossed my mind a few times slim. I have many dits about how i deal with these people when i'm working but they are between me and my colleagues.

  4. Never been kidney punched before a 80yo woman with a UTI did it too me one night duty! Bruised and not well for days. Was it her fault? Nope! HOW are you going to change the law?? If we restrain her, we are at fault? If we chemically restrain her we are abusing rights? Medical professionals put up with this abuse EVERY day. It's been on Panorama BBC1, Dispatches Channel 4 et al...Even those who are high on crack cocaine and alcohol, who are seriously hurt deserve treatment. It's called the NHS!! Anybody in the medical mob know about the hippocratic oath. We CANNOT do nothing, despite the safeguards..??
  5. I just can't get my head round the fact that the paramedics or whatever are there to help these people..and they still go ahead and assult them!!!
    Can't they carry a Taser or similar to zap these crazy people with ?? Or better still, leave them lying in the road in their own pain!!
  6. Aussie
    Only doctors take the Hippocratic oath. Other medical staff do not.
    I know that we should treat anyone who is ill, however how many paramedics, ambulance crews and nurses have to be hurt and at times crippled because of some drunken, drugged or just moronic person?
    Its time that the law protected those serving the public.
  7. Problem i have isn't with old dears although i have to admit to being smacked square on the jaw by an old dear. Its the people who go out, get on the piss and then expect a nice warm ambulance with sympathetic staff to come to their aid. The list of examples is endless but one thing is for sure, the ages of the bad patients range from 15-90 years old.
  8. Again you are right Slim. Only Dr's take the hippocratic oath-no joke Sherlock?? FFS!
    I guess that leaves me, endless other nurses, nutty-bag, paramedics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, orderlies, domestic al who ARE subjected to this violence without a concious??
    We have a concious, we all have a heart! We wouldn't be in the job if we didn't! Yes something has to be done, and alot has been. For example, could have pressed GBH against 80 yo lady who kidney punched me. Would I? Not in a million yrs. Do you understand that fine lines are fine lines? Too many medical staff have been prosecuted for doing the 'right' thing in the past. It's an ongoing issue within the NHS. I'm sure Patricia Hewitt will welcome your views Slim!
  9. Acutually round two!!
    Why is such a serious subject on Diamond Lil's Slim!!!
    Again, no regard for us who are out there obviously ......
  10. So Aussie are you trying to tell me that you and other staff do not want the law tightened so that it offers protection to those trying to render medical assistance to others?
    The excuse of being old does not hold water, she was under the influence of what? Alcohol, drugs or was she suffering from dementia? If the latter then that would be a reason and the assault would not have been deliberate. If the former then please do not make excuses for her.
    Perhaps you personally do not want protection from drunks, druggies and thugs but many other health workers do.
    Perhaps you are not thinking logically because my scouse tribe comments in another posting have infuriated you.
  11. Diamond Lills and the Gash barge are my preferred forums. This is well known as is the reason. I and others on this site believe that CA and the quarterdeck are over moderated.
  12. Don't want to be abuse at work ever thanks Slim. Sorry no excuse for being old? Do I take it you would have punched her right back????
    Someone (preferably a MOD) tell me why this has being posted on Diamond Lil's??
  13. I certainly would not have punched her back. I am of a generation that do not believe in hitting women. Restraint however is different.
    I have stated before if any MOD wishes to move my poste to a more suitable forum then I have no objection.

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