Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. What with all this different sexuallity going on, I`ve been thinking of organising a " Straight Parade " Would the PC Brigade allow it?, it would of course consist of Straight Males and Straight Females, with a piss up after in the nearest Pub. Any takers?
  2. Can i wear a pink fur edged Leotard with matching Boots?
  3. Of course you can, we will also be handing out leaflets on the merits of being straight just to see how many Firemen object.
  4. Of course, you'd have to ensure you make efforts to make homosexual and bisexual people welcome in your parade. Positive encouragement - ads in magazines, a mention on the Graham Norton show etc - may help you!
  5. In the interests of equality and diversity, may I also suggest setting up a Mens Group?

    I am aware that there is already a Portsmouth Womens Group, and I'm feeling a little bit oppressed as there doesn't appear to be a pressure group to represent me, being a white, heterosexual, able-bodied, non-radically religous male. :cry:
  6. No it will have to be Male and Female "Straights" otherwise there will be no point in going for a piss up later, seeing that Males only go on the piss to get laid. The only thing that bothers me about my own street cred, is that I shagged a French Woman once, would this be held against me?, you know what the press are like?
  7. Hig> Depends - are you sure she was a french bird? Maybe you belong in one of the "other" parades...
  8. I have my doubts that she was French, hig, how can you be sure?
  9. "Straight Parade" - what a great idea Hig! You have my full support! Can I come along as a 'Bent Friend of the Straights' supporter to give lip to any gays who try to contest your right to parade your lifestyle choice in public and any ex-Vice Squad PCs who try to sue you for £50K for bringing back shocking flashbacks of porno-DVDs?

    I can just see the Navy friendly Sun's headline now...

    Straight Pride! Sailors Erect banners proclaiming it's OK to be Straight!
  10. Always! Please! must you lower the tone!
  11. What have I said? :wink:
  12. I`m certain Dunks she gave me one of her letters.
  13. Did she speak French or sound French when she whispered in your ear? Was she able to give you a true French Kiss, or just an sallow Anglo-Saxon substitute (ie did your tongues intertwine in true love)? If not, she was probably an imitation imported from Francophone Africa.
  14. How about all the bisexual guys? how can you tell if on that day thay are straight!!!
  15. Oooh you sneaky specimin, you changed your post!

    Bad bad Always!

    I have withdrawn your PO Stoker privileges until the New Year!
  16. Sounds like ther can't be that many like you, you must be a minority!
  17. Peter we already have a clash here Tattoodog is making misleading claims, "non-radically religious male." which means he must be Cof E or Roman Catholic but has also claimed he is, "heterosexual" by definition you cannot be both. The man must be a pathological liar and should be banned from all Groups. That is unless we have a group of "Closeted, non radically religious male pathological liars"

  18. Sorry Nutty, he could be a presbyterian, and most of them are pretty non radical, masochistic yes, but not radical. That would allowheterosexuality in most cases.

  19. Would you class His Holiness The Rev Paisley as non - radical?

  20. Paisley is only radical in London not in NI, Liverpool, Glasgow etc.


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