Parade Ceremonial in the Andrew

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Gino, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. To anyone's knowledge, has there ever been any kind of book done on the history and evolution of the subject?
  2. You're asking Gunners to write?
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  3. Or read???
  4. If it has been done, I bet it's got lots of B&W piccy's of blokes with high gaiters and .303 Lee Enfields in it.
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  5. But we can count! 1-1-2!
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  6. There are plenty of books on all kinds of drill
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If there ever is a book published on this subject, remind me not to rush out and buy a copy.:rolleyes:
  8. Look on the bright side, it'll never end up an e-book. Gunners and technical things just don't go together!
  9. How do you tell if there's an ex-gunner or a gunner in civvies about.

    Blow a whistle and count the nano-seconds before he screams "STAND STILL" at everyone.:eek:
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  10. Chapter 3.... so there we were stood on parade, when it got very cloudy and threatened to rain. I informed the parade commander who convened an immediate meeting of the senior personnel present to deal with this unforeseen threat to the opening ceremony of the RN lawn tennis association.... {continues ad infinitum for 456 pages}
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  11. Come come Ninja. Thats not the attitude you want to be passing on to your prospective victims. Er,I mean recruits....;)
  12. ....chapter 4. Gaiters have a rich and varied provenance requiring a chapter all of their own......
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  13. Wow, I realize that parade training was not everyone's idea of a good time, but I definitely did not feel the love on that question. Notwithstanding, there is no doubt that the GIs at Whaley were able to turn out an impeccable product, for sailors at any rate.

    I am starting to conduct research on the subject in the RCN, and much of what we did for the first half of our history came directly from the RN and from RCN personnel who were trained at Excellent.
  14. In between ships I was employed as the GI's brew bitch at Collingwood which was the RN's state ceremonial training unit at the time (is it still?).

    Along with cleaning lots of swords and shouting at phase 2 trainees a lot, we trained up a few ship's company bods as funeral parties for some cheeky curve balls they'd been thrown - oppo's dying in car and bike crashes mostly.

    Come October everything ramped up for the following month's remembrance stuff. We decamped to Excellent and began the long and arduous task of training up 300 or so bods for November Ceremonies as well as the Festival of Remembrance and the Lord Mayor's Show.

    Because the drill shed is a fair walk away from the NAAFI, we ran a tuck shop selling Costco nutty and goffers at grossly over inflated prices. As the team AB, it was my job to run the shop. I doubled my wages that month on that cushy little number, even after putting in a nice chunk of cash towards the GI's piss up.

    On the Thursday before setting off for London, we had a massive fancy dress do in the old gunner's bar where I managed to trap the best looking wren there. Unfortunately I got so blotto she fucked me off after a cheeky snog and a grope of her splendid baps. It was probably the taste of sick on my breathe - who knows?

    On the big day they went off to do their bit at the cenotaph while I hung around at Welly Barracks NAAFI surrounded by ditch ratings in horse riding gear, watching the whole thing on telly. Afterwards the coach left without me and I ended up having to get the tube across London dressed in 1's and a great big **** off great coat, there were some funny looks.

    Best bit of shore time I ever did.
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  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm now mostly wrapped in cardboard and newspapers, camping overnight outside Waterstones. ;)
  16. Chief Stoker's run ashore again?
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  17. If it's any consolation, I'll be the chap in mustard cords, a blue shirt and green loafers who leaves half a bottle of champers at your feet at 0230 tomorrow morning. I'm drinking to get over my bitterness and lack of moral fibre.
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  18. .......We made a pipe 'Due to the inclement weather, divisions will be held in the West drill shed'
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  20. I do have a pdf scan of the Royal Naval Handbook of Field Training 1926, which includes ceremonial drill as well as things like field kit and tactics, cutlass fighting exercises, and drill for a battery of 12 pdrs.
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