Hey, i am new here and this is probably a bit late. Anyway, my uncle said that the parachute courses only get given to rmr guys to keep them in. Is this true? Mind you he is an ex para so there might be a bit of resentment there!
I was asked what I would like to do after CTCRM so I went for the para course. Could have gone for other things but leaping into the sky sounded good.

As for keeping the ranks in the RMR load of crap. Not everybody wants to going jumping out of aircraft and many are happy going in for other things. Long as the course and funds are available.

Cherry heads are only happy when they are blowing there own trumpet. Booties just go and do it!!!


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As of a couple weeks ago very few guys will now get jumped trained, in terms of Royal this will be restricted to BPT, Not the commando recce troops, and SF.

You should still be able to get them through SFSG, and perhaps if you are working with the SB as an FAC or something, but it is going to be tough to get a course now as even the Paras are no longer going to be para trained.



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As an ex wafoo all I can say is:

Anyone who leaves a perfectly serviceable aircraft should be examined by the trick cyclist!