Parachuting in the Royal Marines

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by drivintothebeach, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. I see a lot of RMs with wings on their uniform, so is parachuting necessary to get into the Royal Marines or is it just somthing that a lot of them choose to undertake?
  2. Parachuting is something you can get to do in the Corps, IF you are in a job that reqires it or you get lucky and manage to wangle a course. (Very difficult)
  3. As a matter of interest the Dog Section (Security dogs for airfield patrols.) of 45 Cdo had two Para trained ranks, one of whom was an oppo of mine.
    The rest of the Unit was in Norway, they spotted item asking for volunteers for Para Training in Company Orders banged in a chit and they were laffin'.
    See, it does pay to read the Coy Noticeboard. :wink:
  4. Is there a requirement to have so many para trained bods per commando unit?
  5. Firstly I'm not a RM, but I'm informed that the following normally get para training:- Recce troop & Sigs, ML's, SFSG and SBS. Also as NZ said earlier keep your eyes open for the Coy notice board for the chance to get your para wings up.


  6. Yes. RM needs to have at least a battalion equivalent of para-trained marines in order to take the piss out of Les Berets Cerise; especially the baby paras who have joined their units sans wings.

    Nothing quite like a Royal Marine recce troop all wearing wings strolling into a Bravo call-sign area - it's a feckin trip especially if you let slip that you are just back from a HALO course in Po :lol:

  7. Po = Pau?

  8. The very same. With TFE's offices also based there :thumbleft:

  9. I tried to parachute inside a Royal Marine once, he didn't like it so we decided not to do it again.
  10. Isn't that where you leave the condom in?
  11. Condoms are for AIDS victims.
  12. It's ok though you only catch it once! Fine after that
  13. And for shaved, forensically-aware rapists.
  14. There was a time when MFCs were para trained. Don't know if this is still the case?
  15. If it's a really, really special occasion you can parachute without bothering to do a para course.

  16. .... and the txport will probably be late when you land, too.

  17. Captain R. Hacon Williams was giving a lecture when the men in rubber suits came and collected him. They briefed him, gave him his para course in the back of a Hercules and threw him out mid-Atlantic.

    Brave barsteward but then he was a RAOC ATO and that goes with the territory.

    Transport picked him up promptly - one of the QEII's life-boats.

    RM :thumbleft:
  18. :wink: :) :D
  19. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Lots of RM's are Para trained, not so many Paras are Cdo trained.

    Not that I have ever pointed that out to the 2 Para Officers at Moscow Camp NI when they visited us back in late 90's. Oh no I did. Of course I bravely did this with 3 RM officers in attendance .....

    Oh what fun.
  20. Para training is not the same these days. No balloon jump "Up 850 eight men jumping" I won best first jump for my stick we all promised to donate a few bob grand total of two quid in the days of old money when you could get pissed on two quid, of course cherry head's wouldn't have it only to be expected from scotty paras.

    Friends son serving in 45 informs me they no longer have the knackercracker/nutcracker these days?

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