Parachuting, freefall jumps

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Chicogiz, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. Hey everyone, as the title parachuting, i am planning on doing that for Help the heroes and was wondering does anyone know a good parachute center near london? If i do this i will get filmed and put it on of my jump.

  2. If you want a partner Ill help you so long as Im not in raleigh. I have always wanted to do a para jump but i dont know if 16 year olds are allowed
  3. Im 16 aswell lol, You are allowed only with parents permission which i will find hard lol, But my mum said she would like to do it but dont have the guts so i will ask if i can. I will be aloud i know i will. The only thing you pay for is £70 and £20 for Insurance but thats good also you have to raise £500 and something but there will be two of us.

  4. Great Im up for it and my mum let me sign up so why not jump out of a plane miles up in the sky with only a few ropes and a bit of cloth to keep me from getting splatted! We could ask our "buds2 in the RAF to let us borrow a C130 for a bit. Im sure the good members of RR and ARRSE would pay to see us two lob ourselfs out of a plane so the cash will be easy so long as we fund the insurance and stuff ourselfs
  5. Only problem is when is the Fallen heros day because im of to raleigh on the 17th of feb.
  6. Cool i will check dates etc and give you information on PM when i find it out this week. :thumright:

    PS: I Bet everyone on here would love watching us jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet up as we shit ourself, well i will be nervous but i will do it, face your fears.
  7. If it does go ahead im going to go to my old school to fund raise, they would love to see ne piss my pants, pluss i want to show all the girls my uniform.
  8. Only if you both promise to jump sans 'chutes.
  9. sans chutes?
  10. Without.Negative.None.Minus.etc
  11. Thought so just worth checking.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    NZB I'm no expert but wouldn't they both be better off with the newer concrete parachutes?
  13. So what are you two doing for charity? NZB and janner
  14. This week I be mostly eatin' baked beanz.
    I do of course appologise for mocking your and Chico's noble efforts in the field of philanthropy, I will make a donation in, your name, to the Himalaya Trust (Sir Ed Hillary's help the Sherpas fund) to salve my concsience.
    In the past I have taken part in numerous charidee walks, swims and runs for various orgs; RNLBI in the UK and SAR and Cancer Orgs in NZ
    Although now being sensible and realising that the majority of monies raised goes to pay the Chief Executives of the Charities a very nice living and pay for Ads to get more donations I am a bit more selective (And cynical!) and don't really do much more than put my hand in my pocket.
  15. Chico, Tell your mum she can tandem with me. Backpacker will video it and we'll stick that on YouTube (Glaswegian accent) :thumright:
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A lot more than one parachute jump, but I'm not decrying your efforts, just don't injure yourself doing it and cost the country a fortune getting you something like fit again.
  17. Oh no not another health and saftey guy, the paras will have to stop jumping and pilots cant fly now.
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nothing to do with Health and Safety guys, more with idiots who set out with good intentions to raise money, have insufficient training to carry out the task they attempt and end up with serious injuries that cost both themselves and others money and heartbreak. Usually a lot more more money that they could hope to raise by the original act.
    Mind you when I was 16 I knew everthing as well :thumright:
  19. FFS! Saying things like that demean your very act of charity. Look up the word 'altruism' and you will see what I mean.
  20. Im sorry janner I should be more apreciative of your concern, and the health and saftey thing was a bit below the belt. No matter my mam wont give me the permission so im going to have to find something else. In two years time though I will do a para jump for Help the Heros.
    I might follow NZBs example, the only problem is I dont like beans.

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