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All to save money, I once spent a couple of years at Raleigh drawing submarine pay, very nice as well. My oposite number was an RS from the forward observer lot. As soon as he joined Raleigh they stoped his jump pay. It was really good winding him up on a regular basis.


Not really the same. Parachuting into battle on a large scale is about as much use these days as riding in on a horse. Hasn't been done since Suez, no requirement.

Edited to add as I didn't make it clear first time: Not been done since Suez by the British.
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Para pay was stopped if your out of Billet/PID for quite some time. I assume the loss of the BBC, or the wearing of it without having done a jumps course, if thats the way they go, will feck a lot of people off. But not me.:smile:
Taken from the link in first post;
On January 29 this year, 200 French paratroopers were dropped over the war-torn African state of Mali. They landed at night, forcing Islamist rebels to relinquish control of Timbuktu airport.
And last year US troops launched several missions into isolated areas of Afghanistan by parachute to avoid Taliban forces who were ready to ambush any soldiers travelling by road.

Monty I think was referring to UK forces. Do you see the UK Government giving the thumbs up to battalion size operational jumps anytime soon? the issue with Paratroops is resupply, stand alone troops until relieved. Cas rates are expected to be high though drop injuries and scrapping. One of the things that creates the unique characteristics of Parachute troops.
Ok, so if they are no longer going to be using parachutes then what shall we name them then?
If it happens, it could be a good thing for the Para's the cream of the crop will get to do jumps, no doubt this will create greater competition for those places/billets/PIDs = even better Para's. there will always be a need for Parachuting as a method of insertion, so there will always be a Para role, don't write them off to soon! :smile:

Penguins is the traditional term. :biggrin:

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