Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Backpacker1uk, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Chatting to a ex para on Moel Famau last week he mentioned "The Para Ten" been a while since I took on a long distance yomp the yearly thirty four miler ceased to be due to internal squabbling.

    Any lads or lassies out there completed this event?
  2. Hey backpacker, its more of a ten mile cross country race. You can carry the weight required of soldiers doing p company if you so wish. Its conducted over the same ten mile route used for p coy, so if youre thinking of having a crack at p company, then this would be a good event to pick.
  3. im doing the p coy challenge
  4. im just using a large blue Bergen and some LBC red brick wrapped in a sleeping bag
  5. specifies on the kit list not including water or food
  6. Gravel in dry bags or sand filled jerry cans wrapped in a pussers bomb.

    The weight doesn't shift around. mmmmm, comfy!
  7. good plan mlp
  8. I remember long long time ago a ex SAS lad who had seen the light and joined the finest running with house bricks one in each hand at Lympstone he had filled his pouches with newspaper he was smart but not smart enough.

    Gravel filled jerry can reminds me of Abingdon and the para course and the sim weight jump. I think a fine gravel container would be best. We shall see!

    Best of luck to all those taking part.
  9. Seconded, good luck fellas.

    Backpacker, I just use an infantry longback with the pouches removed. That's also what I'll be donning for the great north. With a fcuking teddy bear bungied to it!
  10. Trouble with dead weight of bricks is it swings side to side too much,I found just filling bergan with sleeping bag,set of webbing spare boots,waterproofs,combat jacket etc,bigger pack but sat better than the dead weights. Never done Para 10 only Commando Speed march at Spean bridge,its a slog!
  11. That's why sand or gravel is better, just back it in tight with a cold weather sleeping bag and jobs a good un.
  12. would barbell weights wrapped tightly in towels and the reset of it stuffed with either towel or sleeping bag work you recon?

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