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Rooper said:
Rincewind said:
you can always ask him why if they lost at Arnhem - is it a "battle honour"
So the more recent surrenders by RM will definately not count as battle honours then? Nice to celebrate the 25 anniversary of surrendering down south by doing it again in the Persian Gulf - well done Royal.
Hah , I like you :rambo:

Hell you can come/to my place

And fcuk my sistey- or my mum & dad
ex-ex said:
Backpacker1uk said:
slim said:
Try asking him why anyone with half a brain would volunteer to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft. Then remind him that once a para hits the ground they are just infantry
Excuse me Slim but it takes a special kind of idiot to jump out of a aircraft.

Aarrgg. Two jumps from the ballon I will never forget.
I have to agree, after the balloon, jumping out of a plane was easy.


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Deeps said:
3 PARA mortars, say no more.That is was actually the Devon and Dorsets that did Pegasus bridge.On the invasion of Iraq it was 3 CDO that did all the graft(I was QDG and we were attached to 3 cdo) .16AA did sod all. They wear maroon t-shirts out on the lash all the time. The royals are better soldiers, tyhat is coming from a member of the army that has served with both on op tours.The RM were a pleasure to serve with because they saw us as equals.

Good effort you! The feeling is mutual! We were glad to have you guy's around!

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