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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by adamlee_24, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. i'm a new bootie serving with the reserves and have a friend who is in the Para's (TA). I need some ammo to get back at him and wind him up.
    So come on what really pisses off Para's?
  2. If you want a good smack in the chops there's always the old "I thought only fairies and pantyliners wore wings. which are you?"
  3. Always the old classic...

    Only two things fall from the sky.... Bird shit and paras.
  4. Ask him when the last operational jump was.
  5. you can always ask him why if they lost at Arnhem - is it a "battle honour"


    PS only when they are on thier own, otherwise be prepared for manly "suprise sex"
  6. Tell him the RM are better because-
    1. They do what is says on the tin, e.g, use boats for landings.
    2. More history than the paras
    3. The RM/RN used to pull the Army and the various regiments out of the s*it, in time's of battle.
    4. Ask them what job or career they are going to do after service life ? not a parachute instructor !! cos they dont know how to jump out of planes !!!

    O and run like bloody hell, before he / they give you a beasting.
  7. Nice one fellers, that will do nicely. Sorry for late reply i've been on exercise.

  8. Try asking him why anyone with half a brain would volunteer to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft. Then remind him that once a para hits the ground they are just infantry
  9. You might want to mention that a minimum of 20% of every Commando Unit has to be Para trained. How many Para's are Commando trained?

    Also mention that each Commando has to be able to deploy a Company group that is airborne.

    Also mention the fact that the last operational Parachute jump (Not including SF) was 45 Commando Recce troop in Iraq?

    If you are RMR then you should also know that the RMR has its own APJI's Assistant Parachute Jump Instructors.

    That should get him to wind his neck in.
  10. 3 PARA mortars, say no more.That is was actually the Devon and Dorsets that did Pegasus bridge.On the invasion of Iraq it was 3 CDO that did all the graft(I was QDG and we were attached to 3 cdo) .16AA did sod all. They wear maroon t-shirts out on the lash all the time. The royals are better soldiers, tyhat is coming from a member of the army that has served with both on op tours.The RM were a pleasure to serve with because they saw us as equals.

  11. Brilliant Scribes , PMSL :D

  12. Another good one , well done mate , 8O
  13. nice one fellers, he's gonnawish he'd never joined them.
  14. call him a cherry head.

    also this joke...

    para and a marine are in toliet the marine walks out and they the para shouts "oi, ya sa-posed ta wash ya 'and's afta going to tha toliet!" the marine replys "one dos'nt piss on ones hand"
  15. Ask him why he wears a Cerise Beret!
  16. My RM mate said "The Para's!? Anyone can have an attitude and jump out of a plane!'
  17. Daggerprick wrote;

    You're a bullshitting idiot.

    The highlighted points are pure fantasy.

    Within a Commando Unit there are 8 line numbers for BPC trained ranks within Recce Tp. That's all. Your ridiculous notion of a para trained coy gp, or 20% para trained is absolute bollocks. Clearly the closest you've come to the Corps is a ******* 'Meet the Marines'.

    End Of Dit.

  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Oooh! "Call the hands, Call the hands, Call the hands..." :twisted:
  19. Just call him a crap hat. That used to wind up an old mate of mine who was a para
  20. Sorry, DEEPS, it was the Ox & Bucks Light Infantry (Glider- borne)that did the Pegasus Bridge job.

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