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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Starboard_Cling-on, Jun 21, 2015.

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  1. Hey all,

    I got medically cleared in January, and therefore received my PRNC and start date soon after. However, a few months later I got a call saying I had to have another medical in March because I turned 30, this is apparently the standard for everyone whichever rank etc. I had the medical examination on the 2nd April, and then a 'paperwork review' on the 11th May. I was told that this is all fairly standard, but, I haven't had much feedback at all although I've been in contact several times with the AFCO over the past couple of months, they just keep saying they haven't heard anything (i'm assuming from Capita). I'm getting a little worried about it now as my PRNC is on 7th September. Surely there can't be an issue with the paperwork because they can't pass me on it in January and then fail me on the same paperwork a few months later? The only issue possibly is if the doctor picked up on some physical issue i'm not aware of when I had my examination in April, but then I should've heard about it by now?
    I don't know if i'm over - thinking it but with the PRNC only a couple of months away I don't want there to be a problem I don't know about delaying things, and then losing my place because I haven't had enough time to sort it out.
    Anyone had any similar experiences?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally, if there is a paper review it's because there was something raised at your last medical that requires further info from your GP.

    Very often people only hear the "you've passed everything" and don't remember the "except we need to write to your GP about..." bit.

    If that is what happened at your update medical, the paper review is usually as a result of the response from your GP - if there's an issue following the review, your AFCO will be notified if a follow-up appointment is required.

    Sometimes a paper review can result in an undetermined outcome and the case is then forwarded to the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries) for a definitive "Yes/No" decision. SMO(SE) can take a couple of months to determine suitability as it may involve further review by service consultant if it is something requiring "in depth" knowledge beyond basic occupational health stuff.
  3. Thanks for your response Ninja. I'll give it till halfway through July if I haven't had a response by then i'll start harassing the AfCO even more. :cool:
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Did the Medical Examiner indicate a need to contact your GP?

    If so, it's worth checking your GP has responded. Unfortunately, once you reach the medical stage, your AFCO has to go "hands off" due to medical confidentiality.

    Either way, good luck.
  5. I did explain to the doc that i'd only just been passed in January by the SMO, but she didn't indicate anything, she just said that I wouldn't get the result that day.
    I appreciate they don't get told a lot medically speaking at the AFCO, it's just frustrating not knowing.
    I shall just hang on and keep fingers crossed. Thanks Ninja.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It would be unusual for the Medical Examiner not to tell you what they have deferred your application for, so it's difficult to imagine what physical issue has arisen since your first medical examination that you are completely unaware of.

    Possibly there was something that you declared in the medical questionnaire that was missed initially and is now being checked or possibly your medical status has changed since the original medical or you/your GP has declared something this time around that was previously not declared. Either way, it's odd you do not know why you've been referred to the SMO.

    One of the worst things to happen would be to arrive at Raleigh only to be sent home because something has not been fully checked-out. Time & again we see candidates being told on the Friday immediately before the Sunday they join "sorry, it's a no-go because something's been missed". Even though your med docs are sent weeks in advance they are sometimes not screened early enough.

    Possibly, in this case, your med docs were screened well in advance and returned due to an anomaly.
  7. I originally applied in March 2013, up till now only about 6 months (including waiting times) was taken up by the RT, the interview, PJFT etc. The rest, i.e. nearly two years has been taken up by the medical. I was actually declared PMU beginning of last year but i knew exactly why and got the evidence together with the help of the careers office, that got sent to the SMO last November, by January this year they declared me fit for duty. I would understand if the doc picked up on something on my last medical in April that im not aware of. But i literally have no idea why it's been deferred again. Especially after all the effort we went through last year to get it all sorted.
    Problem is the afco won't be able to tell me what the issue is, as you say medical confidentiality etc. :confused:
  8. This is slightly worrying! What would be the case if the candidate gets to Raleigh and then this occurs - would they get paid by the RN whilst a decision is being made as to whether they can continue with training?

    As much as I hate my job, to be out of any form of work, with no income, worries me the most!

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  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming the service spots the issue prior to entry, the entry date will be deferred pending resolution if necessary. They will seldom pay a wage if they know there is an unresolved medical issue.

    The service can medically discharge any individual found to be medically unsuitable for service within the first 56 days of service.
  10. This is understandable - however given that my records are with the SMO currently, am I right in thinking they will be scrutinised and identifying any issues now - as opposed to during the first week of Raleigh? If this is the case, I'm glad they've gone to SMO - can't be dealing with more medical issues once I get to the gates!

    Edited to note: I don't want to have them say 'yes you're good to go, we're not concerned about your murmur' then I go to Raleigh and they then say 'oh hang on a minute, about that murmur...' I would have quit my job and sold my car and everything by then...

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  11. Update: Thank God for the WO from my careers office, he called yesterday and went through everything right from the beginning. He reckons the doc is getting the wires crossed possibly going over old ground without realising it (deferring the application on grounds that were already dealt with by the SMO last year) but he's getting in touch with medical management to sort it out.
    SquashedBanana I would say once you're at Raleigh to just concentrate on getting through the training and not worry too much about the medical stuff, the AFCO and SMO(SE) have been really thorough and efficient with the medical, it's just when external parties are involved things get a bit confused.
    I would say keep pushing like you have been and make sure you know where you stand before you get to Raleigh, then you can just crack on with what you really want to do. I know how you feel it is a bit of a 'mare sometimes but we'll get there in the end! :)
  12. Good to hear that you're finally getting it sorted out. I am probably thinking towards the 'worst that will happen' purely as I have too much time on my hands!! Even with work and training, I still have time to consider the what-ifs! Hopefully this is the last hurdle for each of us and the AFCO's will be in touch with some good news in a couple of weeks

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  13. Here's hoping! When's your start date? And what you going in as?
  14. I haven't got a start date yet! Been nearly a year and haven't done my PJFT I'm stuck at medical stage see. Trying (emphasis on trying!) to get in as MA

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  15. Hang in there! It sounds like you've almost reached your result so best of luck! :)
  16. All the best for you too keep us updated!

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