War Hero
A paperboy is doing his monthly round of collecting money from customers. One door is opened by a fairly sexy,buxom woman, who is wearing a transparent lace negligee.

Hi Missus I've come for the paper money, it's ?5 please. says our boy, with his hand held out.

I'm afraid I've no money in the house, the woman replies in a breathy voice, but if you come in I'm sure I can think of something...

So our lad goes in and the woman throws herself back on the fireside rug, pulling off the negligee, moaning You can have ME instead...

The kid sighs, takes off his bag, and then produces a dick that would be more in place on a stud bull. The woman is agog. Our lad then produces a load of big rubber rings from his bag, which he proceeds to stack around his giant knob.

What are they for? asks the woman.

Oh, they're just to make sure I don't go all the way in when I shag you. replies the boy.

To hell with them! implores the woman, I'll take all of you!

Our lad replies...
Not for five fooking quid you wont!

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